Portugal's Great Value InterCity Trains - CP Intercidades Second Class Review

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Hello, and welcome back to another train trip report on my channel.

In this video I will be travelling on-board a CP 5600 + Corail coaches from Porto-Campanhã to Lisboa-Santa Apolónia.

With a frequent and fast service, this is one of the best ways to travel around Portugal. The carriages may be familiar to some, with them being based on the SNCF Corail design.

The CP Intercidades experience is one I am quite pleased with, offering great value. See why else I enjoyed it in this video.

Enjoy the video. :)

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Journey Details:
Origin: Porto-Campanhã
Destination: Lisboa-Santa Apolónia
Company: Comboios de Portugal
Train: CP 5600 + Corail
Accommodation: Second Class Seat (2nd)
Distance: 209 miles / 336 kilometres
Price: €19 (£16.30 / $22.50)
Time: 3h22m


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Nice train trip in Portugal despite the old coaches I really like the interior quite colourful and seems comfortable with the seats and the curtains

Author — Daniel's UK Transport videography


Something tells me CP will not get rid of these services any time soon… They recently reopened a gigantic maintenance depot in Guifões, near Porto, where they are now in the process of refurbishing the also Corail-based Arco coaches they just bought from their Spanish neighbour Renfe, and are also performing deep maintenance works on the previously withdrawn Series 2600/2620 “Nez Cassé” electric locomotives (those can only reach 160 kmh/100 mph, but will come in handy on many recently electrified lines, which means the 5600s will still be available for use on the faster lines).

Author — João Gomes


Thank you for this trip report. I think that Corail coaches are renown for their comfort both in France and in Portugal. Let’s hope that the track replacement works are done so that time travel between Porto and Lisbon can be reduced to what they used to be. Well done.

Author — André Guimarães


Great and fair review. Indeed Intercidades services are fantastic value for money, and if you book early you can get 2nd class Porto-Lisbon tickets as low as 5€, which is a total steal. These carriages are indeed showing their age, which is why they're currently working on a modernization prototype for these and the "Sorefame" coaches which look similar.
Unfortunately I think with modernization they'll loose the "jazzy" look of the interior opting for a more subtle interior color scheme, similar to the Alfa Pendular with its grey seats and grey panelling with just a few dashes of color (namely green).

Small correction: the driving trailers that CP is looking to use is actually planned to be constructed from existing rolling stock, as opposed to purchasing from abroad, simply due to the cost of refitting bogies and electrical equipment to the Portuguese railway standards.

Author — Sérgio Freitas


Thanks for great video - the staion facade in Porto is really beautiful and good to know where the railway museum is located. I think the blue and green interior is bright and breezy and lifts the look of this older rolling stock. In terms of cities close together, here is Australia we have Albury and Wodonga - which sit on oppsite banks of the Murray River and are both on the main Sydney - Melbourne rail line. A more spectacular pair is Narva in Estonia and Ivangorod in Russia - each with a medieval castle on opposite banks of a river. The Tallinn to St Petersburg rail line runs through here.

Author — Linda Vainomae


Something similar to the very close city situation (in my state, Nevada) is Reno and Sparks (which are right next to each other), and the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson situation.

Author — Desert Transit Channel


That was a beautiful trip! I absolutely enjoyed it!

I know two cities which are also located on two banks of a river. They are Kolkata and Howrah in India, located on the East and West Banks of the River Hoogli, respectively. It is pretty cool when you cross the river then you are in another city, and the postcode changes too!

Author — Gaurav Sen


Thank you for a great video ! As you say, incredible value for money ! On the subject of Cities close to each other, how about Minneapolis/St.Paul in the U.S., and Salford and Manchester in the U.K ?

Author — Anthony Warrener


Amazing video my friend! Love Portugal 🇵🇹😍

Author — Nonstop Eurotrip


Nice trip, I also thought that those red fronted Commuter Units, were cute and with hints of the SNCF Astride Electric Locos Series 36000 and 43000, these were also used to haul the Thello Trains as they are Multi-System Locomotives, made in France of course.

Author — noggin48


There is going to be a high speed rail line between Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Valença, which is going to reduce in more than half the current travel time between Porto and Lisbon. It is set to be in operation in 2030, and the constructions may actually start in 2022.

Author — António Silva


Nice report!
At 5:13, my answer to that is Manchester/Salford, they are stacked right next to each other!

Author — TridentStrata


Well, what a different Intercidades. I haven’t ridden one recently, so I hope that the other cars where the four seats do actually have a table are still in service.

I am not a big fan of Lisbon commuter trains. They are very outdated. I always called these “latas velhas” (“old cans”).

Author — Daniel Lopes


The portuguese Intercidades ( intercity ) that are composed by Loco CP 5600 siemens is limited to 200 km/h because of the coaches are certified "only " for that speed.

Author — Paulo Nunes


Been to Porto and Lisbon via sailboat from LaRochelle, France. Awesome cities.

Author — MarkSwisherEats&Stuff


Manchester and Salford are two cities that are even closer together ... and technically, London and Westminster are both cities (which means that the District Line 🟩 counts as an intercity route!)

Author — stevieinselby


Great video, definitely need a trip over to Europe! What editor do you use for your videos?

Author — Liam Trainspotter


Other cities close to each other- Cave Creek and Carefree Arizona USA just a street separate them. Sadly though in most big cities there are always multiple small cities that make up the larger cities, separated by neighborhoods

Author — Cheryl O•


I find the interior very attractive, and clean. The corrugated exterior is very reminiscent of passenger trains here in the USA

Author — Ronald Devine


Regarding the door on 3:10, you had a handle above you that would manully release the door and nis used when there are a lot o people leaving the train avoiding that the door is permanently trying to close. Had you pulled it, younwould have been able to open the door manually

Author — MrMatavelhas