Britain's Got Talent 2019 The Champions Darcy Oake 3rd Round Audition

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Britain's Got Talent 2019 The Champions Darcy Oake 3rd Round Audition 5


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Me: oh I can’t wait to see Darcy make animals appear out of thin air
Darcy: I’m going to lock myself in a box and light it on fire leading it to explode
Me: Oh okay...

Author — Claire Luebke


His audition (with the doves) was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. I don't find the performances he has done since are all that impressive.

Author — refundrick


Simon : "you are so good looking"
Darcy: (blushing, awkward smile)

The most genuine compliment that I ever heard from Simon.

Author — Jho Jho


Fun fact: The the vt song is from the Divergent score😁

Author — Cheyenne Charles


He one moment where simon becomes gay for a guy and david gets jealous instead of it being the other way around 😂

Author — Juliana Tirado


Simon hes in love with this guy I can see it he's eyes lol

Author — L Gashi


As much as I appreciate his talent, I wish the judges stop focusing on his looks.

Author — LadyHeathersLair


Darcy still handsome and charming like few years ago, Congratulations Darcy !!

Author — sarah Kaewpilarom


the most gorgeous magician I've ever seen

Author — dyasious


What is the song playing 7:05 at the end of his performance?

Author — Kapara


Anyone knows what the name of the intro track is?

Author — Demis Farrugia


The Judge's outfits, Alesha and Amanda, They're always Gorgeous as ever, and Alesha, she's so Lovely in her "Full "

Author — Nellie G. Cabo


Yessss! I like him soo much
Probably the best underrated magician

Author — Bilal Majid


he's still handsome and Hot since the audition of BGT great performance

Author — Seven Forever


Any Geometry Dashers here who know the Woodkid song in the background?

Author — Flop Studios


I like his first audition it was really mind-blowing!

Author — fatma


I saw the same act before but I don't remember where it just sounds like dejavu in the back of my mind... Still was good tho... But not better than Mayyas

Author — ChaCha RbelRbel


What and how the hell did he do that? Honestly I like watching the reactions more than the show, so amazing

Author — charles OK


i was much more impressed of his dove performance. Too obvious, that these arent his hands.

Author — Thommy Turtle


Cause we haven't seen this a 1000 times. Oh wow he showed up right behind them. So shocked....

Author — dylan jaymz