Maya 2014 tutorial : How to use the Blend Shape function

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#3DModeling #3DAnimation
This simple and short tutorial will show you how to use the Blend Shape function in Autodesk Maya.
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

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Thanks for the quick tutorial! I thought o use blendshapes to make some controlled gradation in the width of a few different copies of a certain object, and I think this could be a much better way of doing that than trying to manually adjust verts.

Author — Cobalt


Thank you for the tutorial. Can this be replicated to duplicates of a model? I.e. could you do this more than once from one object?

Author — James Wilkinson


fyi to anyone else who sees this, this only works on vertices and components. Not the entire object and its transform. I tried to do a blend shape for rotation and it never worked until i tried with the vertices.

Author — Phil Zan


can you keyframe a texture to the new shape so when the original shape and changes then its texture will switch to a more fitting one?

Author — FernZ