Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 5

John Oliver discusses the systems in place to investigate and hold police officers accountable for misconduct.

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Can we re-air this episode? I feel like we need it...

Author — Cole Shepherd


To quote something I saw on Twitter
If you have 10 bad cops and 1000 good cops, but the 1000 good cops don't do anything about the 10 bad cops, you have 1010 bad cops

Author — Jazlie Kain


John is right of course, the adage is "one bad apple spoils the barrel" which is also *literally true* Spoiled apples produce ethylene gas and mold, which if left unchecked, cause the apples stored with them to also go bad.
If you apply the adage accurately, it would not mean "once in a while you get a random bad cop", it means "bad cops can erode the ethics and accountability of the entire department by their very presence"

Author — melissa saint


The way 'gypsy cops' are shuffled around sounds an awful lot like how the Catholic Church deals with paedophile priests

Author — Mobey Us Trip


Let's all wave at the 2023 viewers who'll be reading this in another 3 yrs just like us.


Hope everyone survived the pandemic and that 5G is blowing your minds

Author — Chrissy W


The only problem with this video is that it's ALWAYS relevant.

Author — Márk Hegedűs


Just remember, everyone - this episode aired before Trump was elected. Trump is a symptom, and a bad one at that, but we've had these problems for a long time and it's going to take a lot of hard work to overcome them.

Author — Barry Geistwhite


“people instinctually trust the cops” *minority groups have left the chat*

Author — sasha m


Chris Rock put it best, ...there are some careers that you just cant afford to have "bad apples" in... what if some pilots were bad apples?... what if an airline promised you that only 80% of their landings were successful? using "bad apples" as an excuse, especially for a job like the police where professional integrity should be a core belief is just wrong on so many levels

Author — Shray


The fact that a hairdresser’s training is longer than police’s...

Author — Zaggity


Not surprised in the slightest that John Oliver has already covered this issue.

Author — NursingAround


The fact that walmart checks backgrounds better than the police is sad

Author — mari mari


Shout out to everyone who came here thinking this was a 2020 video. History DOES repeat itself.

Author — OpenPLUTO


"Some jobs can't have bad apples" Chris Rock

Author — Roy Plisko


3 years later and this makes more sense, I believe Floyd was just the straw that broke the camel's back, this wasn't just something to happen over night this has been happening over time

Author — Aidan Anderson


Jesus if you didn’t tell me it was 3 years old I’d think it was this weeks episode

Author — Barrady


Please remember! When referring to a police officer please don’t say policeman or policewoman, use gender neutral terms like tool of the bourgeoisie and enemy of the people

Author — Rafael of Sicarii


As a manager, I work side by side with my employees every day; when one of them breaks the rules I write them up! If they attack someone I fire them!

Author — DreamsofSpangel


John Oliver would be perfectly justified in telling all of us "i told you so on October 2, 2016." And he did. So I guess that a bad apple killed Breona Taylor, George Floyd and dozens other African Americans (and other innocent bystanders). Who'd have thought that bad apples are so goddamn dangerous? Isn't an apple a day supposed to keep the doctor away?Just musing. Thanks, John, yes, you told us so.

Author — Waggish Sagacity


Imagine the day when this segment is no longer relevant.

Author — Joanne F