2021 Select Series 24 fret w/Kahler

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The Select Series 24 fret Kahler line is a homage to the days when Guitar driven music evolved to its highest form, with technical excellence a prerequisite for success, and your gear a reflection of your style and influences.
Built with a classic Kahler Hybrid Tremolo system with the added new Kahler locking nut. This new advancement removes the need for a string tree with built in break angle to avoid any pitch shifting when locking down. Select Series Specs with Exclusive Sandblasted/ Parchment Seymour Duncan TB5 and APH-1 high output pickups have all the gain for modern metal to glassy cleans and warm bluesy rock tones.

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Thank you for having Kahlers on these.

Author — EverettDudgeon138


Love it !! Very happy that DEAN went with the Kahler's . Gary Kahler's tremolos have had a stigma of being overly complicated by many guitar players and it's simply not true, it's just that the trem systems are very adjustable which makes them seem finicky to players . I have Floyds and Kahler's and both designs are awesome . 🎸⚡🤘🤔

Author — RockBrigade


If the MD had a maple fretboard it would be the hottest guitar for 2021, bar none. 🤘

Author — Kunkmyster


I'd definitely like to get an ML with the Kahler to go along with my far beyond driven ml

Author — electricpants


You guys need to make more kahler products

Author — Person


Gimme a Z with a six in line headstock, and I'm sold.

Author — R3stlessNWild


I want the MD black with khaler so bad

Author — Flakë


Make some USA models with Kahler and inline headstock

Author — Aethyrvorous


great concept, but for around 1300$ price these could have been made at a korean factory w/ better qa

Author — midnightdefender


Anyone have any experience with these?
What's the neck like?
Does it feel quality?

Author — CHOPERUS23


A Z with that MD24 head and that would be sick

Author — Trey Bennett


Why use a khaler when they have such bad reputation for breaking !?
I had a badass guitar hohner sts or horner it had EMG select passive pickups and khaler and it was like a PRS but the khaler let that whole guitar down !

Author — aunt jenifer


Couldn't you just make a black one? The people want to pick the color, they don't want a crappy color

Author — Deep Seeded