CW Superheroes: A Beginner's Guide To Understanding The Universe | Entertainment Weekly

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Need a breakdown of the Arrowverse? EW's Shirley Li guides you through the complex web of the Berlanti-verse, also known as The Arrowverse, which combines Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and more.

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CW Superheroes: A Beginner's Guide To Understanding The Universe | Entertainment Weekly

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She’s like maybe another 10 series
Me: YES I want that!

Author — Cherry Blossom


As a expert I came to see if this video was good enough to show to my friends when they ask what the arrowverse is, and why I’m like obsessed with the DC universe

Author — Safiyah C


This was helpful, was able to figure​ out what i need to watch next to keep up with everything

Author — Quintin Cajuste


I started with Legends of tomorrow, then The flash and now I’m watching The Arrow

Author — Ani Lee


Bro I live in Canada so I couldn’t watch some shows, then I got an American VPN and there is so much stuff now, you guys have green arrow, flash, legends, agents of shield and so much more. You guys are some lucky mofos

Author — Spoofy07


I started with LoT but then I moved to Arrow, im in S5 and then im moving to Flash

Author — Bacon Wings


there may have been an easier way to connect them but other than that spot on accurate and sorta simple.

Author — Will Miller


Barry appears in season 2 episode 8 not episode 7 that woman needs to watch the arrow

Author — Captainsandman


Well shit i skipped all the others and just got to crisis on earth on supergirl

Author — SolarAutumn


It’s been three years and they’re about to add Bat woman

Author — Gloria Gonzales


But does the Flash’s universe have superman and batman or not?
Here’s what I know:
- Superman is in the same world as Batman (Bruce Wayne)
-Superman is also in the same world as Supergirl (Cara Danvers)
- Supergirl is NOT part of the same world as The Flash (Barry Allen)
The flash IS in the same world as the Green Arrow (Oliver Queen).
- At some point in Arrow’s 6th season, Oliver Queen, as the mayor, references Bruce Wayne (Batman).
- This implies that they are from the same universe.

- At the same time, Superman, Batman and the Flash are seen as being part of the same universe in ‘The Justice League’ (2016) movie.

- Even assuming that the movies are take from a totally different standpoint, that still doesn’t explain the TV series Logic.

If anybody know the answer to my predicament, please share.

Thank you for reading this. Have a lovely day 😊

Author — Finn Connery


Uh huh, so Arrow then Flash then Supergirl then Legends of Tomorrow.

Author — CrypticalLee


stargirl is getting added to the arrow verse

Author — Christine Corrado


is the black lightning connected to this stuff?

Author — envyflickz


tbh this was more spoilers then guide as a long time DC fan if you really want to get in to it you should read the comics there far better then the series and you get to understand them better but hey thats just me

Author — DweebPodcast


What does cw superheroes mean. The meaning of CW please.

Author — Edi T


Oh so no I understand why they call it arrowverse which makes since but it still kinda stupid to me. I don't know why they just can't say dcuniverse.

Author — vulcan2050ful


Entertainment Weekly is trash. That’s why they’re EW

Author — Christian Suchit-Hudson