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My Giant Miracle Baby | My Giant Life 5
Hayleigh is a 6 foot 8 woman and has been told she couldn't have kids. But when she surprisingly becomes pregnant a lot of problems arise.

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6’7 imagine if she got pregnant by one of those 7’1 basketball players

Author — Saberease Era


lmao like we care the doctor is 5'6"

Author — Cheryl Ferry


Why’d they make the font of her name so much bigger than his 😂

Author — Mallory Barnosky


This how many babies she going to have In the future

Author — Suzide OG

Author can really tell he looks up to her.

Author — Peony Farm


She looks regular.. Just a very tall woman...

Author — MrJreed1000


I'm 6'1 feet tall and my husband is 5'9 and I didn't have problems conceiving but I did have 3 miscarriages and started to think I couldn't have kids we been trying for a year and a half but now I'm 5 months pregnant with my first miracle baby, we are having a baby girl and me and my husband are both going to be first time parents we are super excited!!!😄

Author — Jasmine Simmons


honestly it bothers me that her dad controls her so much even though she's an adult

Author — Shelby Faith


In my twenties I was told I had three days to live. I recovered. Then I was told I couldn't have kids...well I have two healthy happy teenage boys. Doctors can be wrong.

Author — Monkey Beak


she looks like she's walking with her son when they walk together...

Author — Prince Virginia


Sounds like dad hinged HIS whole world on her professional volleyball career. She says she wanted to be a mom since she was little. Good for her for not letting her Dad control her life!

Author — Standard Nerd


That's the most confusing thumbnail and title in the world.

Author — Dwight K. Schrute


I died laughing when they showed the DOCTERS height

Author — who am i ?


y’all notice how her name & height is in bigger letters than Bryan’s because she taller ? LMFAOAO!

Author — Taylor Merritt


Her parents are so worried about a professional sports career but she didn’t look like she was physically committed to that goal, it takes a lot more than naturally being tall.

Author — Carrie Leeper


Been with my husband 8 years (._. ) got pregnant once found out Christmas Eve. Lost that baby... Doctor's said I wouldn't be able to get pregnant. :O literally 6 months later!!! Currently :3 7 weeks 4 days

Author — Jelly Anderson


You know a Dad is too protective of his child when he starts talking about her 'volleyball dreams' Come on Dad..

Author — Panabo Dreamer


Her parents:6'7 and 6'2
My parents:4'11 and 5'3
This why I'm short I'm only 4'8

Edit: anybody who is trying to hate or saying that I'm short it's because I'm still a child 11 years old

Author — KillThis FakeLove


Anybody else notice at 1:52 how “Bryan” was written in smaller font and “Haleigh” was written in bigger font along with her height 😂😂

Author — Brian Boston


My boyfriend is 6ft 7 and I’m 5ft 2 and I’ve only just realised this how we must look to the world omg

Author — Sian White