Five Day Weather Forecast

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Five Day Weather Forecast 5
Five Day Weather Forecast. Sometimes the weather isn't as predictable as we would like it to be. Watch as this weather man tries to give the public the most up to date forecast for the upcoming week.

Bring on the laughs! Sketch comedy for everyone. Watch Studio C on YouTube.

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5 Day Weather Forecast - Studio C

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Grandparents”I had to walk to school in this weather”

Author — Fake Beirb


There’s only one way to survive this

Be the weather man

Author — First M


Me: a Californian
Also me: How is Cali the only place that’s not-
Him: California is now sinking
Me: damnit.

Author — Sarahstyle 09


“Let’s go back to our five-day forecast which is now our one-day forecast...”

Author — •BerryBleh•


I can’t believe this is actually semi-geographically and semi-scientifically accurate

Edit: I have come to realize that this is because everything that happened are exaggerated versions of what’s actually happening in real life

Author — Moose’s Chaos


Every other state : Basically being destroyed
Washington: Has only a cold front

Author — EpicElite333


"Back to you Tim"

Tim: O.O

Author — Scott Dally


Us in Utah during corona:
"It seems as though an earthquake has started as well.. That is unfortunate timing."

Author — Dallen Eldredge


My Teacher Showed is this in class as an example of Weather

Author — DerpyDoodle Playz


I love how Matt stayed so calm throughout the whole thing

Author — OliviaTheZeldaFan


Everyone: "this year has been so bad April will be better"

Author — C Hendricksen


The weather guy just keeps going like:
*The show must go on*

Author — Kari The Wannabe


Every other state: *Being destroyed*
Washington: *Only suffering from the cold*

Author — ShakerRanger415


Earth just chilling

*mother nature” I’m about to ruin this mans whole career*

Author — Stacey Moore 232


Me in Plague Inc. when I have Total Organ Failure:
"We have confirmation that this is the end of the world."

Author — Playlists of the Best


I would like to point out... that Minnesota was *fine* the whole time

Author — Rufus lives on


"We evacuating to Mexico."

"Oh nevermind they're coming here"

Author — Robert Robert


News that a virus has targeted... everyone. We’ve run out of toilet paper. It snowed on Friday the thirteenth. And schools out.

Author — Heidi Welter


On the last day of school, my teacher showed this to us. We were all laughing.

Author — AStackOf2Boxes


Midwestern be like:

oh its January the weather can't make up its mind

Author — noob sansTM