This VW Golf Makes 1600 HORSEPOWER! (Twin Engine & Twin Turbo!)

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This VW Golf Makes 1600 HORSEPOWER! (Twin Engine & Twin Turbo!) 5

It was one heck of a sight to see a big turbo VR6 stuffed into the trunk of a Volkswagen GTI..but we REALLY lost our minds when we saw the SECOND turbo VR6 engine in the front! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Come to find out - this ludicrous creation is a freaking BEAST of a car. You can expect to see it running 9 flat in the 1/4 mile on LOW well as 180+ in the 1/2 mile - also on low boost. It's just a matter of time until this thing gets cranked up, so we can REALLY see what she's capable of. When it comes to a one-of-a-kind build like this one, you HAVE to be cautious and patient, and thats exactly what the owner is doing. Props to him on this insane build - the world needs more unique stuff like this!!!
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So it probably has 2 check engine lights. 😂😂

Author — jasonarap


Next logical step is four engines, one for each wheel :)

Author — Jaromír Adámek


This dude has AWD FWD AND RWD on a golf....

Author — Alucard


Salesman: Do you want a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive car?


Author — Xyz Abc


not only is this insanely complex from the engine standpoint, but look how Cleaaaan it looks. what a craftsman

Author — spessarterlandei


Yes but No.
“So AWD?”
“What do you mean?”

Author — Exunis


it has parachute just in case it flies

Author — هاوڕێ سلێمانی


He's using his sunroof for downforce😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Author — Abhishek Biradar


Does burnout for front wheels
Then another burnout for the rear wheels
Absolutely insane

Author — Big Brick


can you put the rear on reverse and first gear in the front, and do 4 wheeled burnouts?

Author — Crackli'nBraap


Double engines, double trans.. It's like having a side Chick. Double the fun, and double the trouble! But never boring!!

Author — Bogfinken


I love how he does a front wheel burnout and casually switches to a rear wheel burnout

Author — wrth


Description for second hand buy: Previous owner was old lady. She used the car just for the Sunday church.

Author — Simeon Stoynov


dad, your car can't start!
okay, try on others one engine.

Author — Yusli Adnan


With such an insane car you would expect it to kinda look a bit thrown together but this is really clean and a brilliant job

Author — Liam Turner


Für alle Deutschen die grade dass selbe denken : Tüv sagt nein.

Author — Stalins Dealer


This dude is cool as hell, his car is insane, and a very awesome setup.

Author — Adam Baldwin


I was wondering if he starts the car twice 😂

Author — Mark Kinyua


What about 4 engines? One for each tire?

Author — Drake Khahili


Officer says open your trunk.
Ok open you your hood.
Scratch scratch scratch.

Author — 2020 Slots