How To Stop Salt Cravings

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Some people have a sweet tooth they just can’t shake BUT do you crave salt? Do you find yourself looking for crispy, crunchy, salty snacks? WhSTOPy do you crave salt? Your diet might be missing some crucial nutrients. Find out what Zonya Foco, Registered Dietitian thinks when a devoted subscriber asks how to stop salt cravings.

You might be SURPRISED to hear her suggestion on how to solve salt cravings.

✔️ AND Zonya shares the root cause
✔️ What your body is trying to tell you when it’s craving salt
✔️ How you get the nutrients you need

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This video is intended to be informational only. It is not a medical consultation, nor is it personalized medical advice. For medical advice, please consult your physician.

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You can imagine my disappointment when you told me that all I have is a junk food craving and not really a salt craving while I literally hold a pile of salt in my hand hoping that I get some good advise to stop this 😕. As far as salt goes, your advise was to continue doing what I'm trying not to do hahahahaha😂 but nvm, I guess you gave good advise based on the profile of the person that reached out to you... In my case, I need help to not eat salt.. Healthy diet should also do the trick, thanks for the tips😊

Author — @peta591


Lol, no, I crave salt. I was enjoying the snake diet (fasting on salt water), but salt raised my blood pressure. I would literally lick salt on my own at times because I just crave it. I put a punch of salt in my lemon water, and I had a friend who taught me about lime and salt on crushed ice. I crave different things at different times, and I for sure like high carbs and crispy chips, but salt is wonderful to me.. sea salt seaweed snacks, capers, kimche... I have to pay attention to my salt intake to control my BP. Salt was one of my secret weapons to lose weight because it caused me to feel more satisfied.

Author — @gazingupwards6387


I have salt cravings all the time!! And yes I have multiple salt spoons in a day, all types of salts! black, pink & usual white kitchen salt.
Whereas I don't like more salt in the food that I eat..Also don't enjoy chips or any other salty snacks...
I just have salt craving!!

Author — @khushi143c


Love your page so glad I found you, I have learned so much just stumbled on your web site now I will be eating like you.

Author — @hopekossally7292


I create very low antidiuretic hormone and crave salt. I get very short of breath when I cut back on it. Frustrating. My endocrinologist tells me I just have to eat more salt since I'm allergic to the synthetic antidiuretic hormone medication. There has to be a way to fix this. I am so tired of peeing constantly and craving salt. I will try your suggestion. Thank you.

Author — @creativecompanion


I literally crave salt, your advice on putting salt in my hand and lick it (as I was doing it before I watched this video) was not what I needed to hear 😂

Author — @MizzKris2u


10 servings of fruits & veggies a day... potassium is missing

Author — @redheadedgypsy1939


I literally put a heap of salt in my hands pink, white or sea salt and lick away, who does that!!!! and what illness do I have?? cuz the doctors don't know!

Author — @twinqlez1


BLAND DIET by Drinking Plenty of Water and fruits and vegetables Amen.

Author — @GeraldLewis-gy5vk