Mitt Romney Reads Mean Donald Trump Tweets

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Mitt Romney Reads Mean Donald Trump Tweets 4.5

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney reads some mean tweets written about him by Donald Trump and his supporters.

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If Romney showed this much personality when he was running, he would have done better.

Author — Peter Sedesse


Trump supporters dissing his hair, oh you wanna talk about hair now?

Author — Favo EyMag


Remember when we thought Romney was the worst guy ever then Trump happened? Wow Lmao!

Author — Sigh


After: " The only people I know that got zero were the ones that paid to go to Trump University, "
I never clicked the like button so fast.

Author — idontlikestrawberries


I'm not a big Mitt Romney fan but I found him charming in this segment. lol

Author — Ashley Kellison


I'm a full-fledged democrat and Bernie supporter, Romney seemed so horrible a few years ago, now he doesn't seem so bad compared to the current competition.

Author — ironmanzelda15


Tbh...if Romney ran for president in 2016 he'd have my vote even though I voted against him in 2012. Anything would be better than what we have now.

Author — Korrin Adrianna


This man wasn't Obama's usurper, but I sure wish he could've been Obama's successor.

Author — Coolidge Dollar


I'd rather have Mitt Romney run this country than the She-Wolf of Wall Street and an expired bottle of Sunny Delight.

Author — Justin Hamilton


I remember when Romney was heavily criticized when he was running for president. But man he's God compared to Trump.

Author — Megalodon64


Romney is a likable guy, I never got why people said he's boring

Author — tropicAces


Wow. I just read that Mitt Romney believes in global warming and evolution. Jesus, where did all those kinds of Republicans go?!? I would put him in office for eight years if it meant Trump never got in.

Author — jmcsquared


I voted for Obama but Mitt is pretty chill in this

Author — Rey Skywalker


Mitt Romney seems like a messiah compared to Donald Trump, and I didn't vote for Mitt Romney.

Author — Hooptie Hamburger


I think Romney would've been a good president. He was a moderate Republican, which of course didn't go well with the far right Republicans.

Author — eldom72


Y'all realizing too late that Mitt Romney was and is actually a decent folk. Still, he got demonized by really stupid people for literally over nothing.

Author — Roldie


this guy looks more presidential than trump and hillary

Author — mike mikey


This guy seems pretty cool. Should've ran for 2016. Better than Clinton or Trump.

Author — Purple Phoenix


'Pic or it didn't happen' HOW ARE YOU UP ON SLANG AND FUNNY NOW, MITT?!?!??!!??

Author — Gateaux Q


While I don't agree with him politically, I think Mitt seems like a pretty cool guy.

Author — Harleylover14