Sarah Huckabee Sanders Memorable Moments Defending President Trump | The New York Times

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Memorable Moments Defending President Trump | The New York Times 4.5

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had some memorable moments with the press. Watch the best, so far.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had to come to the defense of President Trump numerous times in her tenure as White House Press Secretary. She has turned away accusations of the president lying, explain the president's motivation to fire former FBI Director James Comey, as well as address rumors of "chaos" in the White House.


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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Memorable Moments Defending President Trump | The New York Times

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"Was he making a joke about police brutality?!"

"Not at all. He was making a joke."

Author — mccsamm


Wife: it’s 1 in the morning where Was you?

Me:Sarah I need an explanation

Sarah:hold my beer

Author — Toya Blackson


Reporter: "Was he making a joke about police brutality?!"
Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "No, but actually yes"

Author — Edward Nygma


00:10- "He wasn't making a joke, he was making a joke." What?

Author — AMBM


You have to give it to her. She is making an omelet whithout eggs, and salt, and oil nor butter. It is hard to do the job she is doing and still she is a quick minded woman. What she will supose to do? Tell the truth, there is no truth! Nowadays people just support their causes.

Author — Marcelo A D


„Based on a limited information“?
Now I would like to be unconscious!

Author — KathrinB.


I feel like her favorite phrase is "The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do"

Author — Dank Dank


"the schtatement ish shtrue"

Author — TF1Akrata


"Was he making a joke about police bruitality???"

"No, he was simply making a joke...."

Author — Travis C


Eye deeyad nawt reevayve conformation from the praysaydant.

Author — SansyPants 45


QUESTION: '''was trump making a joke?'' ANSWER '' no he was just making a joke'' ludicrous incredulous rediculous mind blowing THRU THE LOOKING GLASS n down the rabbithole ....asphicter says what? what?

Author — Rascal


Watching her scowl and squirm at Michelle wolf’s jokes about her, sitting right next to her, at the WHCD was absolutely a thing a of beauty

Author — Dubswirl30


Don't these people understand that the rest of the world is watching and this woman and Sean has made America into a laughing stock in Europe. And for sure here in Norway..

Author — Panta Rei 83


I bet her kids love her. Glod bless you maam.

Author — Los Rodriguez


Ol sarah Smokey eyes lie a bee sanders

Author — Jaime Vargas


Somthin' really strange about Sarah's eyes!?

Author — Maranatha 12


How come she never looks anyone in the eye?

Author — peter haggerty


lets face it she's done well to survive this long - but you've got to hope she takes a long look in the mirror every day

Author — chasey


The real question is where u looking fam

Author — Preet Patel


tune into Fox and Friends in September for more SHS BS ; )

Author — Craft Shark