OnePlus X Impressions: Super Budget!

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

OnePlus X brings quality and design to a super low budget!

Cheap phones are getting good. Good phones are getting cheap.


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Looks promising but I'm assuming this will also have a crappy OnePlus invite system :( Dope video though 👍

Author — SuperSaf


Definitely digging the new style of videos Marques. Keep it up!

Author — TechSource


“Good phones are getting cheap” that didn’t age well

Author — Zephyr33


Looks like the iconic iPhone 4 and the 6 had a baby.

I like it.

Author — lupinearsenalALT


Would love to see a review on how the one plus icons stack up against more expensive earphones.

Author — Mike Goh


the best super budget phone that you'll never be able to order. just incredible.

Author — mortalcombat


Appreciated this First Impression for those of us who want a quality phone at cheaper price. Glad to see this trend.

Author — Paul K. Bisson


this phone is incredible. I wished oneplus would've made this phone a lot sooner before I spent $400+ on a smartphone

Author — Froggy4Eyez


That intro is some serious wisdom haha!

Author — Jonathan Morrison


My favorite thing about this phone is that One Plus is changing their invite system. They're doing invites a month after release, then after that they'll have open sales every week.

Author — Lance Parrish


Great video as usual. Looking forward to seeing the review. Thank's Marques !

Author — Sébastien Palu


Excellent play by Oneplus. Nice way to reinvent the OnePlus One whilst also accommodating a smaller size phone...bravo!

Author — Waxsta


Looks exactly like the iPhone 4 and 4s which I think is the best looking iPhone of all. Great move One Plus! I love how this looks.

Author — sevenelly


Amazing, I bought a Moto G second gen last year for the same price, 7 months later the battery was drained too low and it won't turn back on... I've tried everything and it still won't work. I bought a really cheap smartphone but it was really crappy, even to this day I keep hoping the Moto G will turn back on and I try a lot . The OnePlus X will probably be what I get.

Author — unskilledv1


Wow how could I say no to that $249 price. I love the build quality too. This is a real winner for One Plus Team.

Author — Andre Rivers


PERFECT! This is the phone I've been waiting for to upgrade from my Moto G :). Absolutely beautiful build too, LOVE....IT!

Author — undeny


Reminds me a bit of Xperia z1 compact by the look of the hardware. That dark themed interface is pure awesome on this phone

Author — CosminCP


Kudos to OnePlus and shame on people who still love to spend $900 on a freaking phone which does everything the same as a $250 phone does.

Author — Ryan Origin


This phone looks awsome and EXPANDABLE STORAGE is an option I love. Two questions. Does this phone work on the Verizon network? Is the battery removable?

Author — Offishu


Oh my god man, this is insane!
I just bought the G4 though, but this phone looks killer :(

Author — Swiftlaker