WTF is... Hand of Fate 2 ?

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WTF is... Hand of Fate 2 ? 5

TotalBiscuit takes a look at the sequel to the card-generated dungeon crawl Hand of Fate. Has it improved on the weaknesses of the original?

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I just clicked on this to hear his voice again

Author — Zenith


Got here because this game is on sale on switch, feels weird to hear him.

Author — Nixie001


Oh man, his voice sounded so thin, not as I remembered him. Been living with thyroid cancer since 2012, thinking about my end very often. When I hear him here it makes me sad... R.I.P. TB

Author — Rocky


Great review, got the game for Switch and love it! Rest in peace Mr. TB

Author — Grant Choitz


Just considering if i should buy HoF2, guide me one last time TB.

Author — Antiklimax1989


Was looking for hof2 reviews on youtube and stumbled upon TB's video. Damn I miss him, even though i haven't met him I still feel like I knew him. R.I.P man, I really enjoyed listening to you.

Author — ShaveDaSheep


Miss you man. Was looking for info on hand of fate 2. Good to see you again man. Wish you were around.

Author — phatbman


Damn, first TB and now Defiant gone. D:

Author — CerpinTxt87


143hrz is to avoid screen tearing on 144hz monitors, without the need of vsync// crap just read the other comments, well rip

Author — Eagles_Eye


came here because this game was on switch and looking for reviews. I and many other miss you bro.

Author — knessi ng


Only just found out he died, i knew about the cancer but rip.

Author — Patrick H


RIP hope your gaming in the aether brother

Author — lordsysop


I want to eat, but I don't want to get fat :(

Author — thinh nguyen


Didnt this guy die? Why is this in my reccoms

Author — To Love Booze


I really don't understand how in 3 different channels you guys are saying that the card shuffling game is pure RNG! You can track what position cards are shuffled into, and then track where it's dealt. None of the challenges of this game is based on luck, except for the dealing of equipment and other pain/gain cards. All gambles are based on either the game physics engine (dice, pendulum), timing things well (pendulum and wheel), or eye-tracking (shuffling).

Author — Alejandro Lorente Pons