Trump clashes with Jim Acosta in testy exchange

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Trump clashes with Jim Acosta in testy exchange 4
President Donald Trump defended his characterization of the migrant caravan as an "invasion" before attacking CNN's Jim Acosta, calling him a "rude, terrible person."

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Politics have never been this entertaining, where the popcorn at?

Author — NextRealm5.0


_"Peter, what are you trying to be him?"_

lol, what a legend

Author — Randomfully Wonderful


Jim Acosta - "They're not going to be jumping over walls"
Illegal Immigrants - Jump over walls just a few days later

Author — Jonathan Reed


Acosta - "the caravan is a group of migrants moving up the boarding towards the US"
Trump - "thank you for telling me that I appreciate it"

Author — Joe


“Peter, what are you trying to be like him” 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Dont Care


Trump: They weren't actors; they didn't come from Hollywood.

Author — Vince B.


CNN has lost control of it's people! What a joke they are treating people badly on film!

Author — Andy Smoak


Fredo’s dumber than Dumb brother, Freda Acosta!!! Book’em Michael!!!

Author — Kane O'opu


acosta.... "it's not like they're going to rush the border and start jumping the fence" .... and that's exactly what the invaders did. Amazing he and cnn are still denying what they see!

Author — Justin Smith


"They didn't come from Hollywood" LMAO

Author — Karthik Mahesh


Fake concern from a fake reporter from a fake news corporation. I wonder how many "migrants" Acosta has taken in personally? Thought so.

Author — Tarkus2040


Such a mannerless media ppl. I'm sure elementary school kids would behave more disciplined

Author — Raghu raman


Notice how all the hostile reporters are from one news organization: CNN.

Author — jwang604


I love how scared Trump looks in his beady little eyes

Author — mwood341


CNN will never go away but also the damage done by Trump to their brand is irreversible 😂😂😂

Author — Ric T


Well,  this was the moment that I decided to like Trump.. regardless of my political stance  LOL

Author — HKN Lee


I love this Orange bastard to the bones

Author — Sideshow BOB


CNN shoulda send Jim Acosta to the Philippines and do the same line of questioning to their President Duterte. Jim will learn his lesson or else lol

Author — Andy Dulosa


Al the journalist are comming and you are taking in al the time not cool dude

Author — Zoran Ceelie


When a weak Beta male gets owned by a Alpha beast.😂😂😂

Author — Isabelle Rocks