Tommy Lee Sparta - Psycho (Official Music Video)

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What a nice young group of gentlemen, enjoying their Halloween together!

Author — SciFyerGaming


This is the kind of song that you can't stop listening to even tho you don't understand a word in it 👌

Author — Iuhshwth


I heard this song on gta ONE TIME and it plays in my head 24/7 now I can’t stop listening 🔥

Author — a pimp named slickback


This song is still such a banger. Not even my type of music but I gotta put this on repeat

Author — Faith Lewis


You know even YouTube scared to take down Tommy Lee Sparta's video for nudity

Author — Tampa Bay


Thanks GTA V for introduce me in Tommy Lee Sparta's music...

Author — Missingno. ZZaZZ


Великая мелодия! Браво! Уже сто раз прослушал, каждый раз как на одном дыхании слушается.

Author — Нет войне


Lo escucho siempre en la radio de GTAV es mi favorita! Alta musica que gran nivel 🔥

Author — TATU


Best music for hunting down the guy that sticky bombed you

Author — AfaqH


“I served 3 months is Juvenile prison for this when I was 17, used to listen to this on 1.25x for days every minute on repeat and my friend got some coke and when the song and rush came together I was in a state where I was at the most peaceful place I could ever be, as if I was watching myself from outside and my body was just trying to everything at once EVERYTHING, walk, jump, punch, scream, swing, twist ALL AT ONCE. My memory of the event is just a stable calm vision from third person angle watch me, doing all this crazy stuff, and I didn’t even realise that I had kicked my guitar so hard off the ground that it hit my friends lower neck and he bled out bad and was in coma for 6 days. They got me in on drug charges, luckily no assault or “half murder case” as we say in my country India. But it was all worth it just for those few minutes of nirvana. If I had the chance I’d do it all again.”

Author — Fracture Bandya


You will never find this uniqueness in any other music and thats the reason i love it

Author — Chris Jackson


This song brings back so many memories. A year ago we moved to a new house and sold our old one. This song brought back the memories of me playing gta v in our old house. I started crying because of the good memories

Author — Gergely Levente Csabai


This was the soundtrack to my many heists a few years back... Love it

Author — thompson223


Geiler Lied perfekt für die Quarantäne Zeit 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Author — Badener für immer


One of my best songs during quarantine

Author — måsh Mëlløw


I want more of this agressive type music your voice is so good in this song 🔥

Author — Tuff Gong


I always listen to this before I play golf. Somehow it helps my game.

Author — shyam vijay


Me and the boys in gta speeding and doing drive bys while bumping this

Author — Xavier T


Wickedest and evilest music video... love so much

Author — Amari Deraisx


Buen rolon a todo volumen suena

Gta V...

Author — Jesus Solache