18-Year OLD MRE | VEGETARIAN Menu #12 Bean & Rice Burrito 1999

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18-Year OLD MRE | VEGETARIAN Menu #12 Bean & Rice Burrito 1999 5

I'm tasting an 18-year old bean and rice burrito from a MRE from 1999. See how it (and I) fair in this Emmymade Taste Test. Big thanks to Jamie for sending this to me and making this episode possible. :) New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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This video is NOT sponsored. I'm just curious.

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That MRE is old enough to join the military lol

Author — Bruce Hernandez


Was there an expiration date on any of that?! Jesus.

Also, fun fact: during hurricane Katrina, in New Orleans, these were the MRE's that we got to live on while the city was in ruins. Well, we had one restaurant open uptown, but for a while we would have these for dinner, and it was fun. Some of them were really delicious, and assembling them always took my mind off of the troubles everyone was having for a brief moment.

Author — FloorManiac


does Emmy realize how beautiful she is? like holy crap

Author — Aetreus !


At first I was like "oh, wow, 18 years old! The 70s or 80s, wow." And then I realised it was ONLY 1999. 1999! WHAT? I am so old.

Author — D.H.


I still can't believe 1999 was 18 yrs ago 😯😯

Author — TheKid Flores


You always say "I hope you guys learned something" and it got me thinking. I should take away something from every thing I watch or am engaged with. I may start commenting something I've learned on every video! What I learned here:

That Snickers Munch existed. (Lol)

Author — Ronin Lee


I joined the military in 1999, and early on in my career I actually ate that very menu! I'm writing to say that the burrito looked almost exactly like it did when it was "new!" Don't remember the munch bar, not all that exciting, but the pineapple was much better 18 years, or so, ago. Aim Hi!

Author — John Von Almen


I don't usually smoke ; but when I do, it is a 45 year old cigarette

Author — Mahdi Ben Fekih


You & Steve1989 are my favorite MRE.. eaters (tasters?) to watch! I don't know why it's so entertaining to watch people eat decade/s old MREs lol.

Author — runbarbierun ü



Author — Juan Gomez


Emmy this was nice.

Any Steve subs?

Author — neon


I actually gasped when you started to poor out the pineapple thinking "nooo please don't eat that"

Author — iwrotelionling


3:13 mind blown...so that's how you get those matches to work! Thanks!

Author — Veronica Lopez


in my mind, this MRE is from the 1980s, but then i realize that 18 years ago was nearly 2000.
i also think we need Emmy as an emoji ؛٤)

Author — Toni Jam


Yikes!!!! As I've always said you are super brave Emmy!!! lol Also, you are the only person I've EVER seen strike those matches that way and I'm quite amazed! Thank you for not only entertaining me but teaching me new things as well!!! =}

Author — MsDreamcakes


I loooove these MRE tastings! Reminds me of my childhood. My brother and I always had MREs and we would take them on little adventures in the woods around our house and pretend like we were out in the field 😜

Author — poppys daddi


And here I am too scared to try food 1 day past its sell by date. Yay anxiety! 😂

Author — Happy Hippie


I thought she said it smelt like human and I just died

Author — JayJay Bearington


eww that pineapple hahaha.
emmy, have you ever gotten sick from eating food on your channel?

Author — Charlie Giles


"Only 18? Pff, Hold my beer"

Author — It's No Use - Yours will be a stillborn