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Fatal crash after Snapchat video was uploaded showing distracted driver | 7NEWS 4.5
A video posted to social media showing passengers screaming at a wide-eyed 21-year-old driver moments before she died in a head-on collision in Berkshire Park is the focal point of a police investigation.

The video shows Shania McNeill driving but clearly distracted, veering into oncoming traffic, urged on by her passengers Hazel Wildman and Faeda Hunter.

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Posing for selfies in the hospital after the crash... unbelievable

Author — stevepising


Her "friends" posting selfies of themselves at the hospital, disgusting

Author — Garrett Ling


Social media is the worst thing to happen to humanity

Author — Musicrecords10


What could possibly go wrong sharing the road with idiots like these

Author — Dave Smith


Wow who is this girl?! Her friend just died and she is taking a selfie in the hospital? Wtf is wrong with you?

Author — Tanya LaGrone


I don't know about you guys but I call this natural selection 🤷‍♂️

Author — Comran Wakili


In the hospital posting selfies like spongebob n patrick. After someone just died n they also could have lost thier lives. Smh. The world is doomed. 2020.

Author — Punch Line Cartoon


Its obvious the drivers passenger friends are typically oblivious to her death and still acting like immature peanuts

Author — #blackaxe


Driving, distractions, snapchat, girls screaming, and their friend/driver dies, and still postng to snapchat, as their friends body is lying in the morgue. Disturbing, disqusting behavior of these girls. Hooe their charged also, as they contributed to this fatal car accident.

Author — Susan Beckett


The driver got exactly what she deserves... too bad her idiot friends survived. My heart goes out to the innocent driver of the other vehicle.

Author — Stauart Mathews


The only tragedy here is that all of them didn’t die

Author — Q


Natural Selection at it's best.... It's a shame they all didn't bite the dust..

Author — Prettyflyforawhitegirl


This is what ice does to over confident bimbos.

Author — Husaberg R


What doesn't seem to be reported is the fact that she is actually deliberately driving on the wrong side of the road and deliberately playing chicken with oncoming cars for a cheap thrill. She also doesn't appear to be wearing a seatbelt. If you watch the whole video it is pretty obvious (it is on a dailymail article) also one of the drivers of the oncoming cars came forward and said that it was quite intention and they came at him twice (in the same article).

I am not saying she definitely did, but it wouldn't even surprise me if she deliberately crashed into that car, it looks like a pretty clear and straight road that they crashed on, don't be naive to think that some suicidal person who doesn't really care about their own life or others wouldn't deliberately crash into another car because it is actually more common than you might think.

Author — Tim.


He’s stupidity hurt two men that had nothing to do with their sh*t trust the ppl you give permits too and she better stay in jail longer

Author — Katrin Iurian


Unbelievable what people will do for attention these days.

Author — Anthony Farfan


It’s heartbreaking that she wasn’t able to experience all this life has to offer, too bad she couldn’t have a second chance. R.I.P Shania McNeill, taken too soon, gone but not forgotten

Author — The Person


Should of smothered them with a pillow in the hospital done everyone a favour

Author — Mark Hirons


The two of them should be charged and going to jail.

Author — Cain Tindal


I feel sorry for the car having to go through with these people. I have zero empathy for people with these type of idiocy.

Author — Jay L