Comodo Firewall vs A CryptoCurrency Miner

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what a incredible results!
thank you for your test and making this video.
comodo is strong enough by itself firewall, even no other functions are working!
good to know. With your setting, it just becomes invulnerable. :)

Author — 정슬예


Thanks for all your awesome videos. I love Comodo and have been with it right from its early days. I had one question. How good is the new version of WAR against latest threats. You used to review it a lot with lots of positive comments but lately I cant find any new reviews whatsoever. I have noticed its not giving as many false positives too as the last version. Can you review it please

Author — Sanford Braganza


awesome video, as always... + Zappa, what a bonus. ;-)

Author — Loz Dawes


Extremely interesting entry maneuver that this one takes to place itself in areas to evade easily finding and you are right,  snuggled quietly in a user's folders which once seated goes to work sending out/in etc. and you might not even suspect a thing at all. Comodo FW that you have so very carefully showcased so often for us really seems to have made exceptional improvements in combining multiple defense in layers that have real life results in preventing intrusions from what otherwise could be horrific for the user if not challenged and neutralized so effectively like this. You are a real champion cruelsister and prove time and again what Comodo FW is fully and safely capable of in it's protection from those type of system infiltrations/attacks. Impressive!

Author — EASTER Sunday


Hi Cruelsister1, Even Frank Zappa would have been proud of Comodo Firewall, it has the same features that you would find in a expensive hardware firewall very customizable. Thanks for the demo.

Author — Wilfredo Torres


How well does Comodo work if its installed and configured after an infection of this type?

Author — Tony Perone


Can it hide from Process Explorer?
What program do you recommend using to detect something like this? Thank you

Author — Andrea Angel


do you have your comodo cruel config somewhere i'd like to use it

Author — Stoner_mtl


Cruelsister, between AVAST and QIHOO360, which is better against Ransomware?.

Author — Markus


comodo protects well but its a shame it slows down the system so much, if they solved the performance issue I would use it.

Author — chrcoluk


I cannot watch the video? what's wrong

Author — ilker erol