ARN #139: 'That Damn Good' (May 1988)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 months ago

On this episode of ARN, Arn and Paul continue their journey through the first half of JCP 1988, as we revisit April '88! Topics include Arn and Tully's continued run as NWA World Tag Team Champions, Dusty Rhodes being reinstated by the NWA, Barry as the newest Horsemen, a continued feud with Lex Luger, and more!

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The thing I never liked about the whole deal was that they never brought up continuity. One year earlier, Barry himself was the one begging Luger not to join the Horsemen, only to turn around and join them himself. Lex should have called that out in his promos. It seemed such an obvious thing to build their feud around, but it was never addressed by anybody. As if it never happened.

Author — Alex Payne


So I noticed over the last couple weeks that the “prestigious” Western States Heritage title quietly disappeared lol

Author — NIQUEROSS808


@ 34:00
In 1986 I paid $12.00 to see (Johnstown, PA... Paul) Metallica open for Ozzy Osbourne. In 1988, I paid $14.00 to see Guns n' Roses open for Aerosmith. Times have changed.

Author — bangkokfed


$12 for ringside seat tickets. Today would be around $34 for those same, so worth it! To watch a great wrestling card for that price would have been like Christmas in April! <3

Author — Scy Psylock


Why does that newspaper photo of AA look like Bubba AKA Boss man?

Author — Joy HurtmCMe


Weather you like it or Weather you don't like it

Author — Tim Edwards


Black jack just printed money. Well that's why he went to jail

Author — Chris Lester