Hold your breath guys F-22 Raptor vs Typhoon Eurofighter takeoff and some flying display highlights

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Hold your breath guys F-22 Raptor vs Typhoon Eurofighter takeoff and some flying display highlights 4.5

Very impressive view from this perspective ! RIAT 2016 Air Tattoo show. The crowds were amazed by those two stunning departures

So! Please compare those two fighter jets and rate the video too. I'm waiting for your comments


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Those birds are awesome! I'm proud to be an American with such talented, great allies in Europe. Together, we stay strong.

Author — Sean Baca


So...it was clear who won....

...the people who got to go to the air show...that's who won.

Author — RustyLH


Don't forget our F22 Raptors are also Decepticons.

Author — P P


I love how you get so many vastly experienced fighter pilots and aviation experts all in one comments section of a 4 minute YOUTUBE clip... quite impressive really.

Author — Kobaspire


Who ever sees a sky full of F/A 18s, F15s, F16s, F22s, F35s, Typhoons, Grippens, Vulcans, B1s, B2s, B52s, and WARTHOGS coming is gonna have a very bad day.

Author — Oldtimer f7


How I love the smell of jet fuel in the morning.

Author — MrDbfireman


I must have been a really humid day!  See the Wilson Effect on the top surface of the wing.  When the air is near saturated with humidity, a sudden drop in pressure causes the excess moisture to momentarily "drop out" of the air and form a cloud.  Ice will form on a wing at a much higher temperature than 32F, due to the vacuum above the wing surface. It will happen at like 40 degrees F.  Ice formed in carburetors at the venturi surface for the same reason. Way above the temp you'd think it would happen!!

Author — Timothy Rettig


We will always be along side USA Tea party finished years ago. God bless America.

Author — Manolo Mantegna lll


Absolutely love both of these aircraft

Author — nasty buzzard


The F22 looks like a predator compared to the Typhoon.

Author — Chicken time


The first time I have ever seen something like this. 🤯

Author — D K


flight plan : how many Gs you wanna pull during the climb ?
Pilot : all of them

Author — Logan11thMEU


Both are beautiful fighter jets. And both fight for the same side. These two perfect fighter jets will fight alongside each other not against each other!

Author — Muttonangler41


I just pulled 3GS from just watching this, whew !

Author — Extended Clips


I work for the royal aiforce in Holland it was a great time be an miltair

Author — Ben Peters


Love the eurofighter. That F-22 is a wicked looking piece of machinery as well.

Author — Russell Coleman


Both Planes are awesome. Great Video, man👍🏻. But I miss the realy big ones: F-14 Tomcats 😭

Author — Mario Olschewski


as an englishman....still the Raptor, blew me away at RIAT. Love the TY tho.

Author — michael snow


Both are great planes. What it boils down to in combat are the pilots skills and how good the weapons are.

Author — bob jones


Euro fighter typhoon, a formidable fighting aircraft. F-22 Raptor, air "Superiority" fighter... Enough said.

Author — siccmade425