John Mulaney And Stephen Colbert Explore Each Other's Deepest Anxieties

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John Mulaney And Stephen Colbert Explore Each Other's Deepest Anxieties 5

John Mulaney, whose comedy special "John Mulaney and The Sack Lunch Bunch" is a huge hit on Netflix, joins our host for an exploration of their various insecurities and how they influence their comedy. #Colbert #Comedy #JohnMulaney

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"You have a lot of anxiety?"
"And that's why you don't want anyone to ever truly know you."
"... Ooh."

Author — Jess the Valiant


This interview should win an award. This is exactly what interviewing should be.

Author — Shawn Iyer


It is 2020 and I just watched two men have an honest discussion about anxiety and wanting to be liked and not feeling good enough as themselves and neither of them made a joke about those feelings. Neither of them pretended that they didn't have feelings. Neither of them pretended that they didn't have that feeling and need. They talked about the process of learning to separate how people feel about you and how you see yourself.

You know, the world is a messed up place right now, but this just happened and I'm thinking that we might eventually be okay. Wholesome masculinity is becoming more mainstream and men are having the courage to talk about their feelings in public with other men and that is fucking incredible. I'm so fucking proud of these guys and I love them so much.

Author — sethescope


Stephen and John: **casual banter**
Stephen: "Do you think your anxiety is what makes you feel the need to not let anyone see the real you?"
John: "and I- oop"

Author — m a c !


Stephen really just body slammed him with a mental health check

Author — Hana Omer


"The worst dancer at a wedding is the one who's not dancing." - John Mulaney, 2020

Author — owen w.


the way he paused and was like “oooh” LFJDKSJSN

Author — violet


I feel like this interview being two comedians talking about anxiety and having a mini therapy session sets the tone for the rest of 2020.

Author — Moss


They're still disguising it under comedy but this is probably the most real conversation there's ever been on a late night talk show.

Author — Eddy


Why does John Mulaney look like he should be a student in the Dead Poet's Society...

Author — Carla


John Mulaney seems to understand Gen Z and a lot of us relate to him. A lot of people his age and older and even a bit younger don't. He's someone that we would be inclined to listen to.

Author — moonchild


7:58 I have never heard John Mulaney laugh! He always makes others laugh but that was strangely amazing hearing him laugh out loud.

Author — Hazel Carias-Urbina


and that’s on slaying toxic masculinity

Author — soph b


Not gonna lie i had a sad feeling when he said "Would they like me as me and not me just 'poking my head out of the blanket'". I hope he knows he's way more than a comedian for a lot of people.

Author — ChickofThe Sea


Stephen really called John Mulaney “Baby Doll”

Author — Amiya Marshall


“Just water and tremendous anxiety”, if that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate the millenial experience idk what does 😆😆😆

Author — Vitaemins


Wow they really just invited an audience to John Mulaney's therapy appointment.

Author — Gloria Bertrand


Now THAT is how you interview someone, ladies and gentlemen.

Author — Nathan Anton


John: Haha, funny joke.
Stephen: *Scribbling on a legal pad.* So tell me about your relationship with your mother.

Author — Camila Rossini


Stephen: “Follow up question”
John: *laughs uncomfortably*

Author — Coen A