2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix | Race Highlights

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2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix | Race Highlights 5
If you haven't seen this race yet, say no more: watch this video. Three safety cars, a red flag, title race drama, and a stunning finish. Baku delivers!

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The whole bloody race was a highlight.

Author — Jack Waters


How many here after the boring Baku 2019

Author — Ricky Sarto


This race was like a whole movie:
- We had a drama movie with 3 safety cars in a row and a red flag
- We had an action movie with the crash between both Force India
- We had fighting movie with Vettel playing ping pong with Hamilton
- We had science fiction movie with Stroll on podium and McLaren on points
- We had comedy with Alonso saying they could win the race

Author — OfficialMinis Extra


This was probably the most intense and exciting F1 race I have watched in the past 10 years

Author — Firri April


- Toro Rosso misunderstanding at turn 1: Sainz spun by Kvyat
- Bottas and Ricciardo back of the pack after 5 laps
- Max out due to Red Bull-Honda
- Force Indias crash with each other and ruin a possible 1-2
- Massa p3 but has to retire
- Red flag and 3 Safety cars
- Seb and Lewis go nuts in an altercation that will be remembered
- Seb gets stop-go penalty
- Hamilton has to pit because of problem with f*cking headrest (thing drivers put on their shoulders in the car)
- The 2 title contenders go back from p8 and p9 at the half-race
- Stroll P2, Magnussen P3 and Alonso P5 at lap 33
- Seb and Lewis start going back up with Alonso bantering on radio
- Stroll P2 literally 2 seconds before the finish line but Bottas takes him on the line for one f*cking tenth
- Race ends with Ricciardo P1 having done last to first challenge after having been P17
- P2 Bottas, having been P20 and a lap down after the first lap
- Overly criticised Stroll shocks and gets P3
- Alonso gets P9 from pitlane start and no Honda engine blows out, Wehrlein P10 yet again gets points for Sauber.

At least Palmer retired, it would have been scripted if this didn’t happen

But Baku is boring and dull right? Take it off the calendar.

Author — Nav


Whoever you support in F1, I think we can all agree that this race was incredibly enjoyable as an F1 fan.

Author — xGeoThumbs


Here after the disgustingly boring race in France 2019

Author — rivitril


+FORMULA 1 I feel so bad for Felipe Massa- he could've won this race, what with Hamilton's headrest coming loose, and Vettel's 10 second stop go penalty. It would have been his first win, since that fateful Brazil 2008 race at Interlagos. Just when everything seemed to be going his way, the rear damper gave up on him. But huge respect to Massa, he didn't let his disappointment stop him from being happy for his team-mate's maiden podium. I hope one day Massa gets that win (or maybe even a championship), for being a good sport throughout his career (especially at Brazil 2008), as well as his admirable personality.

Author — Ryan Nowbuth


2012-2016:Williams:Podiums and 1 win
2017 Williams:1 podium and lots of points
2018-2019 Williams:20 and 19

There Getting Worse Every Year😭

Author — Benjamin_YT


That long straight is the best thing to ever happen to f1.

Author — dodo volamte


Who keeps getting recommended this in 2019?

Author — Flynnster 10


Back when the Williams were decent :'(

Author — Lexx -


baku is boring they said. take it off the calendar they said

Author — Hans Wurst


Baku 2017 Bottas has contact and gets a puncture.
Baku 2018 Bottas steps on debris and gets a puncture.
Baku 2019 ... How will Bottas get a puncture this time?

Author — MT Infinity


What a race, still can't believe it..

Author — Freedommaker Jesusstar


Now THIS is a proper F1 track! Mad dash for passing, technical segments, crazy straight-line speeds (330km/h?!?), and actual RACING!

Author — Sai Namuduri


stroll probably changed the ai difficulty lol



I still come back to this
What a race

Author — bluewhale18


LMAO still today it looks so funny how the Ferrari jumps when Vettel turned into Hamilton XD

Author — DerBurner1709


Baku needs an unlimited grandprix contract

Author — Benyamin Pinto