Mary, Did You Know? / Breath of Heaven | @Anthem Lights & @Charlotte Ave (Cover) on Spotify & Apple

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Official @Anthem Lights & @Charlotte Ave mashup of "Mary, Did You Know?" and "Breath of Heaven"


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🎧 Music produced by: Rob Hawkins

🎬 Film by: Bellhop Suite


About Anthem Lights:
From multiple national tours, numerous top 10 radio singles, a #1 iTunes charting single, and their ubiquitous social media presence, the music of Anthem Lights has literally impacted millions around the globe with their original songs, covers, and mashups of artists such as Taylor Swift and One Direction The momentum for Anthem Lights has transcended beyond their local Nashville following and passionate international fan base and expanded to the public support and recognition from artists such as Gavin DeGraw, OneRepublic, Backstreet Boys, Richard Marx, and Ryan Seacrest.

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Yesterday as I listened to this song, I had a little mini revelation. When I heard the line that went "Mary did you know when you kissed your baby boy that you kissed the face of God." And I thought, how beautiful, our pure & holy God, who even the angels around the throne cover their faces because of His holiness, through Christ got to experience for the first time, the feel of a mother's love for her child & the kiss of that mother on His cheek. What a precious moment for Him to experience. I love that, isn't it gorgeous. I never thought of it before in this way, but God got to experience so many things that human beings, His children, go through because of Christ. Good & bad, but how precious that His first touch was of a mother holding her newborn son and kissing His face. It brings tears to my eyes.

Author — Karen V


What just happened? Overwhelming vocal harmonies of 2 masterful songs. Truly a gift that we need in this difficult time. Thank you all!

Author — Doctor Phil


This collaboration was anointed by the One and Only! God bless both groups!

Author — SALL


I could listen to this on repeat for hours. Best cover I’ve ever heard😍😍

Author — Kenneth Henthorne


These harmonies are mindblowing! I'd like you to collab more often ❤

Author — Estera Mysikrólik


This is beautiful. What a soulful rendition. Loved it. Love and Merry Christmas from India 🇮🇳

Author — Tree of Life : Wellness Hub ( Dnyaneshwari Tandy )


Heavenly performance! Merry CHRISTmas to the whole World!

Author — Levi Tas


Beautiful Voices to glorify Christ! Blessed Christmas y’all. Peace on earth. Stay safe

Author — Ron Bunchol


Absolutely gorgeous!🥰. Definitely put me in the Christmas spirit!

Author — Sarah E. Russell


Why is this so perfectly gorgeous? I had no idea I even needed this mashup, but it’s amazing. ❤️

Author — Alexa Mintah


I don't care who or what you worship at the end of day, this rendition of "Mary, did you know?" is damn near the more gooder song I've heard all Christmas Season. Thanks to y'all for giving us your gifts from heaven in voice into this song. Merry Christmas

Author — Clint Renskers


Is there a way to buy this track? I am a worship leader at my church and would LOVE to do this for Christmas Eve! It is stunning!! Amazing.

Author — Alyssa Cook-Kellhofer


Just Beautiful!!!! Harmony is songs and voice❤️🙏🔥

Author — Jewel


How on earth does someone dislike this video
Beautiful ❤️
Love from kenya❤️🇰🇪

Author — Sudyne Makinya


Oh wow. That was incredible!! What beautiful harmonies and such lovely voices. Have loved Anthem Lights from the beginning, so great to still see them going!

Author — Felishia Rae

Author all your songs guys....God bless you all abundantly

Author — Victor Music


Two of my favorites songs! I got chills. So much talent in this video. My new favorite! Was excited to see Breath of Heaven and wasn't disappointed at all. I fell in love with the song when our choir sang it for Christmas when I was in high school. Such a beautiful song just Mary did you know which I loved since I was little. Goosebumps all over.

Author — Whitney Van Buren


From Australia 🇦🇺 this is 1 of my favorite songs + I pray it moves those who are far from Hod so they feel the touch of holy spiritual abd heaven from this song+ the amazing vocals
God is so good

Author — Mandy Curcio


Anthem Lights oh what an anointed blessing thank you lovely people for singing (Mary Did You Know) one of my favorite hymns . Thanks for sharing God bless. Please pray for my Mother and I. I for you all.Power in prayer Amen.

Author — Marion Robertson


All of their voices blend so amazingly! Thank you so much for this blessing!! Merry Christmas everybody!! 🎄

Author — Sophie Clayton