Backlash Over Prince Andrew’s Interview Intensifies | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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Backlash Over Prince Andrew’s Interview Intensifies | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah 5
Prince Andrew defends his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and Dutch protesters decry a blackface holiday tradition.

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Face it: If Prince Andrew was not RICH and a ROYAL, he would be investigated and in prison for the rest of his life. This tells you everything you need to know about justice in both the US and the UK.

Author — arthurneddysmith


"I should have killed him instead of Diana", Savage lol

Author — Hommade games


"We had to meet to break up the friendship" said no man ever

Author — Mark Summers


Andrew dug himself a hole. and kept digging, and digging, and digging... and digging! What a car crash of an interview!

Author — PM Seminario

Author the heck does a Prince not have a place to stay? His mother literally owns property and lands in every country that speaks English.

Author — JayCzzzYa


Poor Prince Andrew, he's like the Eric of the royal family.

Author — airwaydude '01


I knew I should have killed him instead of Diana, there some truth in that

Author — snagh


the fact that this interview took place in the palace and that they didn't ask for a question list like they usually do shows that even the the Royal family wants andrew to be convicted

Author — Dreadnought666


A convenient pace to stay? This guy could win the prize for having the least number of brain cells in britian

Author — Umar Nadeem


It was a convenient place to stay because he had access to all the best children.

Author — Tejah


Andrew is a spoiled brat and a liar, he’s probably the most detested royal other than his wife who borrowed thousands from Epstein - after the story about pedophelia

Author — catalinacurio


Kudos to the interviewer! She is brilliant!

Author — Som Thing


"It was a convenient place to stay."
Looks like it was also a convenient to come.
Oh my - how unbecoming of me to say such a thing!

Author — Mondo Shredder


"I knew I should of killed him instead of Diana" 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂.... I spit my drink
Rest In Peace Princess Diana..

Author — Gregory Denis


The Queen's favourite is a paedophile.

Author — Raymond Riggio


He surely was part of whatever Epstein was with.. Prince Andrew is wildin'

Author — MyHandsAreRegistered Bruh


The house was like a railway station - Ok so who stays at a railway station for FOOOUUUR days!!!

Author — Ashish Jonathan


I've never stayed with someone I was prepared to not be around

Author — Wraith Black


That isn't the "Dutch Santa". It is Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas): a completely separate holiday celebrated on the 5th of december.

Author — Yellow Penguin


How much does it cost the British taxpayers to keep this royal ratbag in the manner to which he has become accustomed? Whatever it is, it's way too much.

Author — Markus Andrew