100psi of BOOST | GTR World Record!

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100psi of BOOST | GTR World Record! 5

This GTR/Driver combo are an iconic duo worldwide, but now with the legendary team at Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) they have formed a team trifecta. Gidi and this GT-R were the first to get into the 6’s, and now they are cracking off consistent 6 second passes left and right, thanks to the help of ETS and those whom have offered support along this seemingly impossible journey. Kicking off our coverage of Import vs Domestic’s World Cup Finals, the ETS-G finds itself at the top of the world record list, as well as our feature list. We’ve been following Gidi and the team for many years, many iterations, many failed attempts and frustrations. It was important for us to bring this experience to life on your devices so that you can relive some of the most exciting and dramatic moments of this car’s progression. The team at ETS and Gidi are far from done, as they are going to continue to collect data into next season and then take the car apart for a serious overhaul in preparation for a monumental World Cup Finals in 2020!

Editors Note: While I typically treat most features indifferently, I found myself constantly smiling as if I was engaged in the moment with those in the video, like I was there with them. Gidi does an absolutely exceptional job of making sure he shares his success and achievement with those around him, those whom support him, and (most of all) those whom have helped him. I really hope I was able to provide each of you with the same level of engagement and excitement, as well as a few of those sneaky smiles you don’t even realize you’re making. -Seth

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vin diesel really stepped up his game lately

Author — ej1 drew


0-225mph in 6.56seconds.

If only he delivered pizza’s

Author — chris77777777ify


This guy is cool. Admits that he will get murdered on the tree, but is there to get a number, not a win. Thats awesome 👍

Author — ricecakeFTW


I love Gidi's energy lol can tell he's having the time of his life every pass

Author — Samuel Burton


“I just drive this car” such humble guy

Author — Luis Diaz


I see 100 psi, i click, even if its for a waterpump

Author — timelostdream


I’ve always enjoyed seeing this guy, him and his wife are always so positive and happy.

Author — rich 570


"How many miles per gallon does it make?"

GTR: *"No"*

Author — Wheeldo


Man this guy has been chasing the record for so long I'm glad he finally got it

Author — Abdulla Alblooshi


12:05 incase you didnt want to watch a 23 minute long video. 23:25 he breaks the record again.

Author — Kodi Miller


14:46 I think his wife wanted a hug too...🤔🤦

Author — Vipstyle


Runs a mid-high 6 whilst expecting a mid 6:
"Yeah, usually it hits me in the chest. It didn't that time"...
You know you live in a different world when a pass in the 6s off by a tenth or two doesn't "hit you in the chest" anymore LOL!😂👍
I love this guy!

Author — JTG78


14:43 Damn so you just gonna leave her hanging

Author — BullyEm Timbo


It’s awesome that he was able to back it up with two 6.5s passes, that’s how you lock in a record. Amazing job buy those guys! Brought the record back home!🇺🇸

Author — C. Temple


Quickest GTR? It is also the quickest AWD car in the entire world!!!



I like this guy. I feel like he is such a nice, appreciative dude.

Author — Benny Carpenter-Deason


Such a humble racer, wish we had more guys like this.

Author — Supreme Penis


I’ve never wanted someone I don’t know to succeed more in my life! Gidi is the man 👍

Author — Drop a Gear and Disappear


Dude, I'm so happy for Gidi and his team! What a genuine guy and his reactions really show how much this means to him. Also to put credit to his mechanics who do all the BTS, what a guy - so many times only the drivers are remembered for records.



22:50 how i act when i’m texting my side chick 😂

Author — S A B I E L