$12,000 HOUSE - One Man Renovation

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$12,000 HOUSE - One Man Renovation 5

This video is a culmination of a huge project, both renovating a house and an over 50 video playlist of the project. I bought this house for $12k expecting to do a quick renovation....... almost two years later, it's now done and rented. While it was slow, I am grateful for the opportunity, proud of the outcome, and glad to have built a community of subscribers that have enjoyed seeing the project. If you enjoyed this video, have a look at the full playlist. Also share the video with others, leave a comment and check out my book. Thank you for watching.

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I can't believe he was able to renovate an entire house in 10 minutes. Simply amazing.

Author — Fuahuahua Time


"I'm not gonna go crazy" *tears out chimney with bare hands*

Author — Caitlyn Ryder


I want to see him go “crazy” on a house

Author — MattMan51


"I'm gonna keep it simple, not gonna go crazy...."
Attacks the walls with an axe 🤣

Author — Johnny R


He makes home building look easy. I have a feeling he’ll never be homeless

Author — LVhasAIDS


I'm in awe of people who can literally build a whole, entire house. Electrical and plumbing...just awesome!

Author — I'm Awake


It's like a sequence from a feel good movie, the part where the guy decides he's going to stop being a crybaby and do something about his problems then becomes successful.

Author — timbohouston


He said I’m not gonna go crazy with this house, then starts by ripping the chimney out and gutting the whole house 😂😂😂💪🏽

Author — k3von3z166st.


Netflix: are you still watching?
Someone's daughter: 8:08

Author — Elliot Myung


It's like watching a brilliant artist paint or a composer write a symphony you sir are a master at your craft. I legit got teary eyed just over the simple beauty of just how clean and straight everything was. I'd would be honored to live in a house such as this.

Author — Big T


"I'm not gonna go crazy on this house, I wanna keep it simple" tears the house inside out

Author — Dominic Beaudoin


This is a TON of demo and reno for a house with nearly no light. Why not start from scratch? Is the cinderblock skirt that valuable?

Author — Deep Mindfulness Collective


Working at Lowe's I recognize a lot of the things used, literally no clue on how to use em but it's neat having neuron activation.

Author — TheGmodkilla


"I am not going to go to crazy on this house"
Procides to destroy the inside in 30sec.

Author — Caleb Johannsen


"plot twist" - He didn't get a permit. The city inspector red tagged him and he had to completely dismantle all the work.

Author — James


"I'm not gonna do anything too crazy." *Rebuilds entire house.

Author — Dominic Commisso



Imagine what he can do if he got overboard

Author — Bit x Bit


No matter how many times you say "Everyone or Everybody" I can honestly say, "Every time you are just as adorable."

Author — Child of God


I don’t know why I’m so shocked that the house is still standing after he goes at it like that stripping everything back. Seems crazy that it is held up by those wooden beams

Author — LeaninTV


"I'm not doing anything to this house, just the bare minimum" proceeds to gut and rebuild house 🤣🤣

Author — Dana Jo