$12,000 HOUSE - One Man Renovation

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$12,000 HOUSE - One Man Renovation 5

This video is a culmination of a huge project, both renovating a house and an over 50 video playlist of the project. I bought this house for $12k expecting to do a quick renovation....... almost two years later, it's now done and rented. While it was slow, I am grateful for the opportunity, proud of the outcome, and glad to have built a community of subscribers that have enjoyed seeing the project. If you enjoyed this video, have a look at the full playlist. Also share the video with others, leave a comment and check out my book. Thank you for watching.

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I can't believe he was able to renovate an entire house in 10 minutes. Simply amazing.

Author — Fuahuahua Time


"I'm not gonna do anything too crazy." *Rebuilds entire house.

Author — Dominic Commisso


"One man renovation"
**ghost hands comes through the window to assist him**

Author — The Potato


He didn't do anything crazy at all

*He just rebuild the whole house, thats it*

Author — Gemma Joikhun


I really need to update my idea of “I’m just gonna keep it simple”

This man did more work on this house than I think I’ve ever done in my life.

Author — Katie Willis


😒 I should have sent this video to my boyfriend when he whined about having to caulk the bathtub 🙄

Author — Sarah M.


And I thought hanging a picture straight was impressive

Author — Caity Prewitt


This man gives a whole new name to jack of all trades because hes the master of quite a few that spark box was like wire porn 😂😂😂

Author — DayzMennis


me: *struggles to put together a command hook*

me watching this video laying in my bed eating a cookie: you know what, this doesn’t look too hard

Author — annemarie


>Not going to go too crazy
>new floor
>new walls
>new roof
>new deck
>new plumbing
>new wiring
>converted to central HVAC?
>okay you basically did everything except for repour the foundation
>not too crazy

Author — warmowed


"I'm not going to go crazy on this house."...Proceeds to gut entire house.
Seriously though, this is a great renovation.

Author — Patrick McCue



me: *tearing down my crappy minecraft house bc i don’t like it*

Author — space jam


Homemade home: "I'm going to keep it simple today"

**literally destroys the entire house**

Author — Pamela Li


Imagine living in a house you and your family/friends had worked so hard for would be dream come true. Nice work dude you got insanse skills and perseverance. Very inspiring. Godbless :)

Author — Wirumaku 1


I'm in awe of people who can literally build a whole, entire house. Electrical and plumbing...just awesome!

Author — I'm Awake


Me: *Sees the house half way through the video*

"Oh yeah it's all coming together."

Author — Radian


this makes me want to go out and build a house

Author — neji fann


This is a gifted young man, my dad could do this kind of work too.
I would love to meet a man like my dad.

Author — Sheila Pearson


This man is the definition of “jack of all trades”

Author — Chef Dan


This guy :renovated a whole house by himself
Me : cant be bothered to clean my oven

Author — Death Sex and Rainbows