WTC memorial opens, marking 10 years since 9/11

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 years ago

America officially dedicated its memorial at the World Trade Center to those lost on September 11th, 10 years ago; It was once the scene of unimaginable horror, now transformed into a place of solemn remembrance and healing. Russ Mitchell reports.

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My uncle helped build the old World Trade Center and my dad helped build the new one.

Author — PAelevators


that's hard to watch.. all those little kids that never really got to know their moms or dads.. parents that had to bury their children... no parent should have to bury a child... so sad :(

Author — dbritton41


You know what other BIG thing happened in 9/11?
Slayer's "god hates us all" album came out :D good album

Author — Alex Zapata


First responders weren't allowed. Bloomberg is a disgrace.

Author — Happy Chunks