Balochi New Song 2018 (Disto Janeke) Khair Jan Baqri (Amjad Rahim)

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Singer Khair Jan Baqri
Song (Disto Janeke)
Lyrics/Poet (Amjad Rahim)

Original Credits
GJ Production

Balochi New Eid Gift/Eid Mubarak Song 2018

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appreciatable👏👏👏 i've heard this uncountable.. have no word to define it. best ever singer with the perfect combo of voice with layers... may u progress many more khair jan bakri sahab!!
credit f this song s also goes to ustaad i.e ustaad amjid, the ever pure wordings nd concept, high level thinking nd many more which i can't even determine.. many blessings nd just love it by dept f my heart!! love balochi wordings✌❤
singer+script+music best combination

Author — Khalil Rehman


We hope k aane wale album ma kuch aisi type k song h0 really bhot maza ayega😄

Author — Jalal Ahmed


Wah Kia song hai sahb .love u BaLochi. I am from koHeslemaan.

Author — Shahid Ameer


Wah ustad wah wah wah wah masaallah dahem hame Rocha bebata

Author — Hafeez Hafeez


Best song salamat bate ostad khair jan baqiri sb

Author — Noor Mirwani