Coleman Hughes: The Empirical Problems with Systemic Racism

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What is the difference between individual, institutional, and systemic racism? What are the empirical problems with systemic racism?
Coleman Cruz Hughes writes on the topic of race for Quillette and the New York Times. Despite still being an undergraduate, studying philosophy at Colombia University, his articles have sparked polarised reactions, leading to a meteoric rise in profile over the last couple of years.


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Coleman Hughes needs to be on Joe Rogan and every media outlet possible to counter the mass hysteria permeating the west.

Author — David Kotler


I became against affirmative action when I was married to a guy who was half Japanese. I was a married pregnant teenager. We moved to Houston to look for work. He was hired by a company, only to be let go 3 days later when they realised he wasn't Hispanic. Their only quotas were for blacks and Hispanics. A young man with a wife about to give birth any day was let go because the man could not tick the "correct" ethnic box. How could I not hate it? Individual experiences are limitless.

Author — Button Brite


The only thing I don't like about Coleman is that he's a billion times more articulate than I could ever hope to be. An awesome mind.

Author — Chaiwat Kositkhun


The devil used to be in the details. He's now moved into broad generalizations.

Author — Kevin Carpenter


In popular discourse, racism is largely an impossible topic to discuss (which I think was the plan). We are at the point where before any discussion may be had, we must first agree on the definition of racism. If you are discussing the topic using the "power plus prejudice" definition, then it is utterly fruitless to pursue that discussion if you cannot come to an agreement on that very central and very important point. You may as well argue the laws of gravity with someone while they define the word "gravity" to mean, "a ham sandwich".

Author — Bill Melater


I could listen to Coleman all day. His intelligence is far beyond his years.

Author — San Miguel TV


Man Coleman really does remind me of Sam Harris with his calm, collected manner of speaking and absolute mastery of facts and logic. Love it! Need more like them out there!

Author — Keven Guimarães


I just fell in love with this man... And I’m confused because I was called racist a couple of days ago.... By a person who tried to explain systemic racism to me....

Author — Björn Westman


My biggest problem with the idea with “systemic racism” is “part of the system” is that nobody ever specifies what this so-called “system” even is. What is “the system?” Your digestive system? The solar system? Your computer’s operating system? Just calling it “the system” is so vague and unhelpful.

Author — PockASqueeno


Have read a lot of socialists recently and now reading Marx. A lot of their examinations of society are very myopic (narrow minded). They look at the world in a very limited way, and either dismiss or flatly ignore many other factors.

For instance Marx wanted to judge society by material wealth and how wealth affects "social conciousness". They claim all societies are affected by matrerial relationships, without trying to test that premise, and without looking at other causes. In fact cultural causes like politics and religion they claim are developed by this "materialist conception" and not the other way round, or both affecting each other.

But law and incentives affect how wealth gets developed in society. Europe was lagging behind China and India which were 80% of world GDP as late as 1750. But Europe made one change after the other and started to boom. China, despite having a head start and people advocating for a market system went the opposite direction and got poorer. They centralised power and ended up suffering for it.

So it seems to me that all socialists try to interpret the world i a way which only creates one solution. And ignore the obvious. That their system fails and creates misery, and capitalism has been an astonishing success, lifting even the poorest out of misery.

Author — Bitchute is better than Youtube


Guilt equals votes and it’s that simple

Author — Jay Carr


So the concept of "systematic racism" is akin to that of the "wage gap", that the numbers are of course unequal if you don't factor in variables

Author — Lenny Pearl


I have said over and over: empiricism is the only thing that can possibly unite us. Thanks for this!

Author — 63 Rambler


Black conservatives are saving 2020 for me.

Author — Caterpillar


Identity politics is similar to religion, in the sense that when you are questioning or criticizing their ideas, they are offended because they feel as if though you are attacking who they are as a person. They identify themselves so strongly with a set of ideas, that their personality becomes indistinguishable from the doctrine. I dont know what to make of that.

Author — Johan nakfd


I believe you're conflict-averse by nature, Coleman.
I also believe that this trait should be far more valued than it appears to be, in people who cannot help but put across controversial opinions.
Because it gives those opinions more credence, when we can be more liable to consider those opinions having innate value, instead of falling into the all-too-common default response of suspicion that an expressed opinion serves no other purpose than to cause volatile reaction.

Author — Sir Laughs a Lot


I'm a new fan of Mr. Hughes. It's vital to find intellectuals with the courage to speak rationally - especially in the current cultural topology.

Author — Citizen 337


When listening to this young man I am reminded of what Jordan Peterson said: Listen to everyone, they may have something to teach you. He is half my age, but I've learned soooo much from him.

Author — KirkPatti Calma


I could tell Coleman how richly eloquent and well spoken he is and he wouldn’t be offended.

Author — JWK


"The whole idea of race pride and race guilt is corrupt to begin with."

Author — Mind & Qi are One