Inside Star Citizen: Inventory Repertory | Summer 2021

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This week's Inside Star Citizen continues our look at the changes on the horizon for Alpha 3.15. Rich Tyrer and Chris Parry dive into the next major step towards a fully physicalized universe as they show off the upcoming overhaul to items and inventory.


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💬 Comments

I love that the holographic design is slowly going away to give us new icons for items and such! Good work everyone :)

Author — Simon Mercier


Please pass along to the people at CIG that were all rooting for you folks, keep up your amazing work. There's nothing else out there pushing the envelope like this game.

Author — Toxilium


I hope they add sort and search functions, otherwise it will be a pain.

Author — Franz Heger


Using the Argo MPUV is peak awareness of the current state of the player base. Props, devs.

Author — Brad Ahrens


Really hope those UI Tiles for items are smaller when this goes live, going to take forever to scroll through gear if that stays

Author — Cbo The Second


Great update. The outstanding question is what happens when you hit a 30k.

Author — Jag Hiroshi


Really looking forward to decisions actually having some impact and not being like "Oh, let's go to that cave in a Gladius with 30 guns on me."

Author — Velios TV


Let’s go, looking forward to patch 3.15, and really want to see what y’all will show at Citizens Con 2021. All the best.

Author — Marshal


So are we going from magic inventories to location based magic inventories and if so what happened to lockers, gun racks etc?

Author — WTActual


That looks amazing, but for the love of god can you all introduce a filter so certain equipment is listed in categories?

So helmets are together, weapons are together, magazines, and etc instead of one giant scroll through inventory.

Author — Jingoea


Looking good. I sure hope we have the option to scale the inventory grid down though. Even a teeny med pen takes up a massive chunk of screen realestate. Are there multiple select and sorting options too? I'm all for proper inventory management but it's got to be precise, rapid and supported with common sense filters or its going to become a chore. Things like moving multiple magazines from one container to another, should be one action by the player (but if it needs to take longer per item to complete the transfer that would make sense)

Author — Mark Douglas


Love the new inventory system, but could we please have a shift +click to drop items to inventory or character so we don't have to click and drag every item?

Author — Snappy


Given what I saw in the video, I think we need to inform CIG devs about concepts such as sorting and grouping. I don't know if they have ever heard about these concepts before or not. But when you see a big list of items with armor mixed with an ammo clip followed by some other items and then a gun, some more armor and another ammo clip, it seems these concepts must have escaped them. I am liking the concept, however the execution is a little "raw".

Author — BigJohnno66


Very nice update! That's a HUGE step forward, the kind of step we had when our feet touch port Olisar the first time in the 2.1 (we'll not talk about the 2.0 :p ).
About the ship's inventory: how are managed the perms of other players? Can they use our ship's inventory if they are in the same party? And can they if they aren't? :)

Author — sansho88


So you don’t actually access the lockers inventory? That’s a bit disappointing

Author — m


So excited for physicalized inventory. Such a game changer!

Author — Uber Nerd


For me the global inventory takes very long load in right now... I hope with the new inventory changes this goes faster because the idea of having to wait 2 minutes besides each corpse I want to loot doesn't sound very fun to me xD

Author — Christain


Fascinating. An 8 minute video presenting features that have been a staple in RPGs for 30 years.

Author — TheKythia


Great work CIG! Not seeing a sort function which would help tremendously but this is the first iteration.

Author — Lord Holyman


One important question that i have is, when will we be able to sell the equipment we find or have and dont want it. Its would be good to get rid of 500 mags that you dont need anymore

Author — pedro loureiro