Uganda's Moonshine Epidemic

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Uganda's Moonshine Epidemic 4.5
Ugandans are the hardest drinking Africans in the motherland, both in terms of per capita consumption and the hooch they choose to chug. Waregi, or "war gin," is what they call the local moonshine, and it makes the harshest Appalachian rotgut taste like freaking Bailey's.

Hosted by Thomas Morton

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“When we found out that people were going blind and dying from drinking this, we had to try it ourselves”

Author — Subscribe


*VICE* " _Uganda is the Drunkest country on earth_ "
*Russia : impossible*

Author — Earth-616


It's hard to strive for a better life for yourself or your country when everyone is always drunk.

Author — Christian Colossus


I love that they keep sending the whitest guy in the world to the blackest places in the world

Author — Aniquin


If they decided to use that thumbnail to sell their moonshine, I'm sold.

Author — fu yeoh


Why are all these Vice employees such trendy lookin hipsters. its like they were all picked up and hired from a vegan party or a farmers market.

Author — Louie R


They didn’t have to disrespect the goat like that tho

Author — Valentine Wai


"They call it sulphuric acid flavoured with magnesium"

Lmao that villager should be a stand-up comedian

Author — JamesTavRule


7:11 "Do you mind if I kill this?" So painfully awkward...

Author — TomokoMurakami


You have to Admit; the thumbnail MADE this video!

Author — Chris Hira


All UN Blue cups from foreign aid. Lol.

Saw lots of those cups in the service.

Author — Milquetoast Eugenicist


"I kind of feel bad because it's about to die... but that thing's balls are enormous."

Author — paenutz


6:22 when you think you will be handed the cup ..but then you cover it up with a head scratch :D

Author — Alpha- Q


"A whole dragoon of kids behind us now" " I feel bad saying this about a goat that's about to die but, that thing's balls are enormous" lol

Author — Pest Pro


"This is our driver"
*driver takes big swig of moonshine*

Author — Spectrumpicture


Why they send that white awkward guy there? Geeezzz!!! He's face is so uninvited and stiff.

Author — Denivet Gambalie


He is quite socially awkward. Its making me feel awkward watching it

Author — Kamishininoyari


Thomas so awkward to use the word “kill” around Africans who do not understand you to begin with. Lol
“Is it ok if I kill this?” Holding the drink.

Author — T m0ney


LMFAO "Look at me its African Thomas" when that dude took his glasses. 😂

Author — Jlh 88


''ebola epidemic'' a couple minutes later is drinking from the same cup as two strangers

Author — Tommy Khoury