Uganda's Moonshine Epidemic

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Uganda's Moonshine Epidemic 4.5

Ugandans are the hardest drinking Africans in the motherland, both in terms of per capita consumption and the hooch they choose to chug. Waregi, or "war gin," is what they call the local moonshine, and it makes the harshest Appalachian rotgut taste like freaking Bailey's.

Hosted by Thomas Morton

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Of course you had to send the nerdiest white boy alive to the middle of Africa.

Автор — Touchy issues


Vice today: how American politics are ruined forever
Vice back then: We sent a white boy to get drunk and possibly blind in Uganda

Автор — Eli Raine


All this time we thought they wanted water

Автор — C S


So Uganda is basically the Ireland of Africa.

Автор — Onkel Irohs Jasmin Tee


6:20 - he's like, "I'll take that cup". Oop, nevermind. *scratches head instead. lol.

Автор — Earthling1984


This guy is completely awkward but trust me, when you’re the only white guy in a black rural community in central Africa.. you’re gonna feel a little uncomfortable

Автор — Matt Thwaits


“You mind if I kill this...real quick” like anyone that’s not a western millennial has any chance of knowing what he means

Автор — Max Allen


This is the whitest dude you could’ve possibly found to do this

Автор — Jacob Gonzalez


goat: screaming in pain as its neck is sliced
vice: *elevator music*

Автор — Stuck Here


The amount of times he reaches for something, an object or a handshake that isn't for him, is astoundingly cringe

Автор — William Wilshere


It’s kinda crazy to think my dad was born there and if they didn’t leave during one of the wars I would be the one drinking the Waragi.

Автор — Kian Jiwa


I thought he was going to order pizza for everybody.

Автор — Bandido


Germany: we drink so mouch beer
Uganda: hold my banana juice

Автор — Stupid Cat


The woman who makes waragi sounds like a very well spoken and intelligent person.

Автор — Laring?


1910's American women: Men shouldn't drink alcohol, it ruins families!
Ugandan women: *time to profit*

Автор — Jonathan Ree


No one:

Youtube: *mmmmh yes let's recommend this after 7 years*

Автор — 2j 1f


Back when vice did stuff that was actually cool.

Автор — M3ATL0AF


For a sense of the size of the issue here: Uganda is 63% more drunk than Russia. Which means that when an average Russian downs 3 shots, the average Ugandan downs 5

Автор — Domestic Cat


“When we found out that people were going blind and dying from drinking this, we had to try it ourselves”

Автор — Subscribe


lmao at 20:00 when the drunk guy keeps petting his hair someone else comes up and takes him away so he doent make them look bad on camera

Автор — Quinn Campbell