5 reasons why India's GDP is crashing

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5 reasons why India's GDP is crashing 5
India was supposed to be the world's fastest-growing major economy. Its middle-class was supposed to the target for all FMCG companies. What happened to the India story?



1a. Consumer crash

1b. Automobile crash

2. Where are the jobs

3. Govt has no money!

4. Global slowdown

5. Investment


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Hindu Muslim kar ke desh chalaney ki natija....failure gov

Author — Yuvraj Lim


Bhakt:- Rojgar nahi h modi ji...

Modi:- Ponducheryy ko vanakkam....

Author — kumar vipin


P. Chidambaram to CBI: Kitna bhi torture kar lo, Economic Crisis kaise door honge nahi bataunga.. 😂

Author — Imran Ppia


BJP wants to know how to improve economy but chidambaram refused to say that's why he arrested 😂😂😂

Author — Rehman Hilal


I hope Statue of Unity might help us to recover from this crisis!!!

Author — Shivam Srivastav


Kare toh kya kare
Bole toh kya bole

Wahhh Modi ji wahhhh😁😁

Author — Gagandeep body builders Delhi


Still Government has money to spend on statue of unity, advertising own party !

Author — Faeez Parkar


Today I brought "GOOD DAY" biscuit instead of PARLE-G and felt like " Apun hi Ambani hai"😎😎😎

Author — Ramprasad Bisoyi


Development only in News Channels like
Abp News
Zee news
Times now
Most favourite Republic

Author — Ibrahim Khan


So happy to see individuals starting YouTube Channels to aware people about the harsh ground reality. Keep up the good work.

Author — Lalit Patil


Andha bhakt : modi ji made india a cashless economy😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — deep pandey


What can we expect from goon government and illiterate voters.

Author — harshit kumar


But the current government only focus on creating a civil war between different religious believes...

Author — Chuba Ozzy


Imran Khan was right Modi is biggest enemy of his own India give him another chance for next 5 years in govt.

Author — Martin Butler


"You fool me once shame on.. you fool me twice shame on me"

Author — Jos. C


Modi want to recover the economy through Pakistan- India war. Really chai wala mind set

Author — Abid Aly


Modi is a gift for Pakistan and suicider bomb for India.

Author — Abdul Basit


Where is the finacial problems ???
3-4 industrialists have increased their annual income,
The same industrialists who own the so-called media channels are making their anchora shout abt other unimportant things
BJP as a party is super rich now .... last 6 yrs their income has increased manifold
So bjp is rich, 3-4 industrialists are rich, tv news channels are rich .... thts enough ....
We the janata, we wanted that ... thts the patriotic thing to do
We r Nationalists and proud Hindu ....
We will support this !!!

Author — Max Elan


Indian economy will soon become like Venezuela. All thanks to chothi fail PM.🤣🤣🤣

Author — Shivaay Gaming


Ise research kehte hain. Wo jo sudhir chaudhari DNA me karta hai use bhadwagiri kehte hain. This channel is so underrated.

Author — Lav Gangwar