The ‘David Bowie Is’ show @ the Brooklyn Museum

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The ‘David Bowie Is’ show @ the Brooklyn Museum 5

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Over all this years Space Oddity still sent shivers down my spine

Author — Nick N.


Hi Steve, my wife and I travelled down from our home in Liverpool to the V&A in London to see the show, was it really five years ago!!! Wow where did the time go? It was a fantastic exhibition and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. My only regret is that I didn’t get the chance to see it again and I would urge anyone who has the slightest interest in Bowie to buy a ticket and go and see it.
PS. keep up the great work Steve, I always look forward to your daily blog.

Author — mark stevenson


Hope this show comes to the Antipodes eventually, a true renaissance man.

Author — Antoine P


Yeah.... When you are living in NY... But, when you are living on Balkan, then you can only imagine... IMAGINE! And sometimes... again... IMAGINE! Neah... children today have internet, so they do not need it at all... like us from LP's age... we like to
to touch, open, read, listen, smell... real things.

Author — Dragan Antonijević


Exhibit was maybe a bit fragmented and not chronologically well laid out, but there was certainly was a lot to like because of the subject. Unfortunately it mostly skipped over Tin Machine and the Robert Fripp connection, both Gabrels and Fripp provided apex guitar moments on some of Bowie's more adventurous recordings.

Author — Daionzrip


Stevie A. ....yer music fan stuff is ok but I’m sure you’re aware David Bowie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or are you ? I read this thing cuz you have a somewhat common sense approach to audio equipment, you know, the Audiophiliac, saying

Author — D.P. Singh


I could never see what people saw in Bowie had 0 talent, but I like the idea of the sound aspects of the show with the Sennheiser headphones. Now tthats cool.

Author — terry kemp