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The fact that Billie Eilish's Birthday is on 18th Dec and that Alfred Hitchcock released Side B on 18 Dec 1995 proves that Em keeps check of every minute detail in his bars. Is he nuts? NO..He's INSANE!

Author — A C


Released this on Billie Eilish's birthday... As he was washing his hands he was singing happy birthday to her... GOAT.

Author — Toussaint Productions


I feel like most people missed the “barking” verse. “They call me dog because I’m bar king”

Author — Carrots


Beat cuts off at the end

Eminem: *fuck the beat, I go acapella*

Author — Kiran


You know you a true em fan when you hear him burying a woman alive and your just like meh

Author — Lamz FAZZA


Funny how billie eyelid said Em "creeps" her out when she's actually creepy as fuck....

Author — PMA DOOD


Normal fans: *Marshall has already abandoned his shady persona. He's just Eminem now*

Us: *Yes but actually, no*

Author — Just Some Guy Who Lost His Mustache


“parental advising, everytime i drop”
parental ad-VISINE everytime EYE DROP👀👀👀

Author — xCrAAzY_PoOP-MoDZx


There's more bars in this song than in 95 percent of rappers' discographies

Author — AdrenalineUnlimited


Eminem's songs are like mystery. There's so many wordplays, he's a mad genius!

Author — ImSlickzz


Being a shady fan for 20 years I can proudly say this might be the most incredible bars I've ever heard from him since his Fine Line song off SHADYXV

Author — Alejandro De Anda


"Treating it like a Cyclops, like its the only one I got"
Cyclops, only one EYE
Man this is why i love Eminem, the bars, the worldplay, the flow Goddamn !

Author — Mohd. Ibrahim Iqbal


“I’m so far past the bar, I should practice law” the BAR test is what lawyers have to pass after they go to law school🤯

Author — Kadin Ellis


The fact that Em is still spitting this after these years - He's a RAP GOD!!! Show the man some respect!! Shaq, your reactions are the best!!!!

Author — A M


I'm sad that Shaq missed "I'm still BAR KING". Tree bark, barking, and bar king puns were sick.

Author — Herodreamer


I'm pretty sure, "I'm still east side bitch" is an MGK lyric, so that "I'm Diddy's side bitch/I'm still east side bitch" scheme was probably an MGK diss.

Author — Adam M


Crazy that Eminem literally said on Wayne’s podcast he goes back and makes sure he doesn’t re-say his bars in future songs

Author — Sean Cooney


“They call me dog because I’m barking”. He is the bar king

Author — The Green Giant


"Candle lit environments, sipping wild Irish, while getting violent." Is a Roman Catholic Church (the wild Irish wine) bar along with the stereotype of Irish drunks being violent. The candles also play back into the "happy birthday to me" that you're supposed to sing twice while washing your hands.

Plus the whole childish, fulfilling my wish, Billy Eilish* and childish Gambino thing, and the diddys side bitch, is shot at diddy going back to the mgk diss

Author — Greg Lomason


Em dropped so many bars it was hard for me to lift them all 😭🔥

Author — Malcolm McNab