Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen & The Unsullied

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she was so amazing. how could they do this to her.

Author — Elsie Lovelock


I swear this was probably one of the most *BOSS* scenes in the whole show....

Author — hi hi


the way she just turns around and says “dracarys” is another level of being a queen

Author — Nelli Frey


To think Emilia Clarke acted in this scene in between an aneurysm rupture

Author — Waleed I


the great thing about this scene... NO ONE knew what she had planned.

Author — Astro Jonny


Anyone else think that the first unsullied to start stomping his spear was Gray Worm

Author — Nicolas Neal


“But harm no child” season 8 forgets only this part of dialogue

Author — Denny Jones


I can’t believe this show got cancelled 3 episodes into season 7, guess we’ll never know how it ends :(

Author — Avery Tomaszewski


Fuck... I've seen this scene so many times but it never fails to send chills down my spine.

Dany deserved better

Author — EliKat


This is the Dany I choose to remember.

Author — Tony S


2:56 Missandei's face is hilarious she was like "you're about to get FUCKED"

Author — iNews


Anyone else just watch random old clips of game of thrones to remember how good this show was before they fucked it up.

Author — Salvador Mandujano


Funny that the masters never thought about the possibility of someone coming in, buying up all the Unsullied only to have those slaughter everyone and even recover the payment.

Author — lymaeQ


"Here's your slave army, best fighters in Essos, fully armed, assembled and willing to answer any command, inside our basically defenseless city. Just sign on the dotted line."

Author — David Patterson


"Fans. Slay the writers, slay the showrunners, slay every man who helped produce season 8, but harm no cast. Strike the discontent off every HBO subscriber you see!"

Author — Turtles


Kudos to the first Unsullied to jumped out and stabbed the master, and the first one to start tapping his spear.

Author — 沈啍


The chills! Daenerys didn’t deserve what the writers did to her… she was so great and kind-hearted.

Author — barbara ann minerva


One of the best scenes of the series. That “what the fuck?!” look when she speaks Valyrian. 😆

Author — Jose Partida


2:15 Missandei's reaction to Daenerys speaking high Valerian for the first time is so perfect. As a translator she KNOWS languages so when she hears Daenerys speak PERFECT high Valyrian after only speaking English and Dothraki around the Slavmasters she knows shit is about to go down lol

The Slavemaster was probably like, "Oh, the translator probably taught her some basic commands last night, that's nice" and Missandei's like, sure." HAHAHA

Author — Onnajy


I love that even her advisors were surprised at her plan. I also love that glare missandei gave her former master that says "you're soooo fucked now" 😂😂😂😂

Author — Tory Catherine