Ukraine Protests: 'Sniper' fires from Ukraine media hotel - BBC News

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Ukraine Protests: 'Sniper' fires from Ukraine media hotel - BBC News 4

Snipers were reported to have fired on protesters, and some armed demonstrators were also reported to be firing towards security forces. Reporting for Newsnight, Gabriel Gatehouse said he saw what looked like a protester shooting out of a window at the BBC's Kiev base, the Ukraine Hotel.

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Who’s also watching riots because of the George Floyd event?

Author — Cotton Picker


Never forget the murders that happened here.

Author — Smudger40k


I'll never forget this but most of the world already has

Author — ross crook


The people show his power to the goverment!
Nice work ukrainean people I respect you!

Author — Gellért 95


The sad part of it all is the cops think they are doing a good thing. They forget the fact they are the citizens too, and the govt/Elite is against them too. They are the biggest puppets for the you still think the bible is fairy tale, the one world govt is starting to take place right before your eyes and it is happening exactly as it was written 1000's of years ago. What even sadder than cops thinking they are doing a good thing, is the people still think the cops have their best interest and protect them.

But the people dont care as long as they go to the club and party, cheer their favorite sports teams, see what the latest fashions and trends, worship their favorite celebrities, be brain washed/ I mean educated by their schools, and chase money. As long as they can do these things, they think life is good. All these things keep the people blind and dumb to the facts. Before you know it, the Rothchilds (the beast) will have total control over the whole world. then the Masyah will come like a thief in the night, to destroy this world govt and their oppressive rulers and their armies, cops. As for the Masyah He only come as thief to those who are ignorant, for the wise know the times

Author — Real Truth


This could happen anywhere because government is evil inherently

Author — Gediminas


US Turns Blind Eye to Lugansk Massacre
written by daniel mcadams
wednesday june 4, 2014

On June 2, a missile screamed through downtown Lugansk, in eastern Ukraine, leaving a trail of craters in a city park before slamming into a regional administration building. At least eight people were killed in the blast, as it struck in a busy pedestrian area. Blood and body parts were strewn throughout the blast zone.

Eyewitnesses said the missile was fired from one of the military jet fighters that had been circling the area. Security camera footage from nearby seemed to confirm this. The jets had been sent in from Kiev to put down an autonomy movement in eastern Ukraine that followed a US-backed coup in Kiev in February.

An Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) monitoring team on the ground in Lugansk concurred with other eyewitnesses:

"On 2 June, shortly after 15:00 hrs, rockets hit the occupied regional administration building. Based on the SMM’s limited observation these strikes were the result of non-guided rockets shot from an aircraft. "
The US-backed government in Kiev, however, denied firing on civilians and blamed the blast on the anti-Kiev self-defense forces. The self-defense units, Kiev claimed, had blown up the administration building themselves with a heat-seeking missile that went awry.

The US mainstream media dutifully reported the Kiev government line as fact. The anti-Kiev forces had blown up their own headquarters, they wrote. Just as several weeks ago they wrote that the anti-Kiev forces in Odessa had set themselves on fire.

Dozens of videos on social media clearly showed Kiev-sent aircraft firing into cities and civilian centers in eastern Ukraine. The US mainstream media ignored this evidence and continued to repeat the Kiev line that the pro-autonomy forces had again massacred themselves.

The US government has said little about the attack. In a June 3 media briefing, a State Department spokesperson claimed to know nothing about the OSCE confirmation of an air strike on downtown Lugansk. Claiming that there were "conflicting reports, " the spokesperson said the US "welcome[s] the restraint the Government of Ukraine has shown..."

Finally, alone among US mainstream media sources, CNN reported on June 3, that based on its sources on the ground in Lugansk it determined that the administration building was indeed hit by a missile fired from the air:

The tops of trees were splintered, and a series of small craters -- about a dozen -- had been blasted in a straight line, starting in the park and reaching the walls of the building, blowing out many of its windows and spraying the area with jagged shrapnel. That's what appears to have killed most of the victims and injured 20 more.
The craters in the park across the street from the building were likely caused by a Sukoi Su-25 fighter strafing the area with 30-millimeter ordnance, the CNN report continued.

It is clear that the Kiev government lied about the attack on Lugansk and that those lies were accepted as fact by the US government and the vast majority of the US mainstream media. 

There has been no US government condemnation of the use of the Ukrainian military against Ukraine's own population in crowded civilian city centers. In fact the US State Department has actually encouraged the post-coup government in Ukraine to use force against civilians. State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said of the violence that the authorities in Kiev "have every right" to maintain "order and stability in their own country."

What would the US response have been had then-president Yanukovich used fighter jets to attack Maidan protesters in February? At the time, the US threatened the Yanukovich government for simply attempting to remove protesters from public buildings. But now it says nothing as the post-coup government actually calls in air strikes against civilians!

The administrative building in Lugansk is not the only target of the Kiev military in eastern Ukraine. Kiev forces have bombed hospitals, kindergartens,  residential areas, and so on. Still not a word from President Obama or Secretary of State Kerry. 

It seems that the US government actually approves of this use of force against civilian populations in eastern Ukraine. Two days after the air attack on downtown Lugansk, the Obama administration announced a significant US military support package for Ukraine. The aid will include, "A new tranche of $5 million for the provision of body armor, night vision goggles, and additional communications equipment." 

Americans should understand that they are being forced by their government to finance the military slaughter of civilians in Ukraine. Horrific videos (extreme warning!)  make the slaughter very clear and undeniable -- even to a State Department spokesperson were he or she to bother to look. 

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Author — Серый волк


Hey Democrats this is why we have the 2nd Amendment in America

Author — Thomas Ward


Huh....why did Estonian minister just say the snipers were from the new war shills....and Nazi propagandists...

Author — Invisible Man


Who was shooting? Solders of fortune or Nazi?
Who has power now in Kiev?? It's just inconceivable!!

Author — scorsing scors


koteshub, sweetheart, where are you?

Author — galakhoff


useless to have a statue of an angel that cant save them

Author — Roronoa Zoro


this BBC report now in Hong Kong riot,support overthrow government every where

Author — jinke Wu


Sniper fire came from the protest held Philarmonic hall it turned out later.

Author — Trailerfitter's Toolbox Videos


It takes a revolution to find a solution

Author — Alex Razo


Just watch : Maidan : shooting in the back

Author — Ramon Loeffen


Honorable move from the Mayor. Fighting for the right cause.

Author — Trifecta


@Abd Esk
What's not to believe? They were shot by police armed with snipers. What can't truly be believed is how such an order came to be in the first place.

Author — 3DCGWizard


revels or not, they have a cool outfit

Author — fran queteimporta


People are fighting to get IN the EU?

Oh my word, this is truly astounding. These protesters have no idea what the EU will do to their country do they. You can't understand the EU until you're in it. Believe me, they're tyrannical too, just like all other mega capitalist countries are, they're driven by the 'bottom line' not the needs of the people.

Author — Retro Guy