Call of Duty: WW2 All Cutscenes Movie (World War 2)

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Call of Duty: WW2 All Cutscenes Movie (World War 2) 4.5
Call of Duty: WW2 All Cutscenes Movie Campaign Full Story Mode (COD WW2)

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1:27:45 Yo, this shit be looking like a movie!

Author — FlowerTrollSan


wow these are a lot of cutscenes, like a complete movie

Author — Thomas von Aquin


*Turner is dying

Meanwhile, "Found a first aid kit"

Author — Abit2Deadly4U


All jokes a side. Multiplayer was wack but singleplayer was 10/10 for me :) Really touching and emotional gameplay

Author — arnoodt


im blown away these games look so good they could be a movie lol did you know the game consoles of today have more computing power then the first rocket that went to the moon like 20 times more crazy aint it ?

Author — Raymond J


Its a sad sad story in the end. Their like helping each other like brothers TO THE END.

Author — Always_ plug34


1:38:31 "I can't feel my hand" "That's cause I'm sittin' on it"

Author — Arnold Swaggerson


i was running around the beach looking for Cpt. Miller

Author — Espresso Emperor


Maybe wasn't historically accurate and honestly I don't even like shooters nowadays but I appreciate they showed the horrors of war more than most games which had them glorifying the explosions and shooting. I appreciated the story and characters, good acting and amazing cutscenes, and they even showed how fucked up labour camps were. Kids should appreciate how fucked up war is and this game is the closest I've seen a game show that, historical inaccuracy/USA propaganda or not.

Author — Blockhead


"Keep it quiet."

Author — Hamaji Panda


RIP Turner
You’ll never be forgotten :(

Author — Snowball The Husky


Mass Effect Andromeda could learn a thing or two from these guys

Author — Bowl Of Carrots


"The krauts are gonna eat your lunch!"

"No not our lunch Sargent our lunch is secured." XD

Author — Ayres Andrade


"To the end" Made real Men Cry😢😭

Author — Juan Alonso


I know a lot of people were disappointed by this game. I spent almost 1 quarter of my life studying WW2 history and I actually loved this game despite its inaccuracies.

Author — Aaron O Mahony


I can't play video games for shit but I love to watch. Lol.

Author — Isabel A.


1:43:18, "I CAN'T LEAVE HIM!" proceeds to run over an american.

Author — Krehlmar


Who cares if this game isn't all that historically accurate, this shit is still amazing and definitely a revive in the Cod franchise

Author — Arhum Miah


Thanks for allowing us to see this, but damn you need practice with a controller and your memory

Author — Aidan Humphries


1:38:29 lol "i can't feel my hands" "that's because i'm sitting on it" "oh thank god"

Author — Brobore