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Moto G6 full review 5

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Motorola G6's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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Finally, someone who gives a legit un-biased review of this phone! I have been looking into this phone and was getting so sick and tired of all these people comparing it to highly-priced phones, not even on the same tier as the moto g6. This is a good choice for a budget phone. IMO this phone is perfectly fine if you're not some Samsung S-whatever or iPhone snob.

Author — Capote


That $200 phone includes a fast charger but my $750 iPhone XR can’t include one 😂😂

Author — CashGamez


Who else got thought 2:11 was something else at first.

Author — Jay Lawson78666


Went from Note 8 to a Moto G6 since I lost my note, and I'm amazed how great this phone is. Although it's obviously not faster than the Note 8, the almost puré Android experience and smaller size almost makes me feel glad I lost my Note 8. Exaggerating a bit, but this phone is great. I got it for $155.00, and I couldn't be happier...

Author — Nico V


"midrange phone" yet it has a decent camera setup, pretty good IPS screen, and a decent price.... Considering it doesn't have a notch, and still has the headphone jack, I'd imagine they'll sell alot.

Onya Motorola 👍

Author — nani the fuck


Sometimes the touch screen glitches when I use it while plugged in to charge

Author — A Person


Had this phone for a month now and im very pleased. Does everything i require . Would recommend whole heartedly !

Author — Keith Rose


Best review out here, watched hours and hours of other reviews. Your review gives excellent information, clear, and with samples. Thank you! 😁

Author — Michelle Garcia


Thank GOD for this full review. You're a WHOLE rockstar. TYSM 💕💕💕 MY MIL was about to freak TF out OVER who's phone was who's or who took her Moto G6.😂🤣😂 Thank you for the clarity, and in depth description.

Author — xofahrenlynn


360p max :-( upload HD video lol .... I'm using MOTO G6

Author — Dharmaraj


This is the best phone I've ever bought. My favourite feature is gestures, spcifically a shake gesture to turn the flashlight on, very practical.

Author — Fikrecije Bitecije


Thanks for the great review! I just bought this phone (refurbished) for $29.99 from the Straight Talk website and it's scheduled to arrive today! Can't wait to check it out in person. :)

Author — Donna


Gonna buy this especially since it's deal price on Amazon is $87.99 currently.

Author — HEYXSH1ZN1T


The lousiest smartphone I've owned. Been using it for 15 months and oh my God this phone is slow!

Author — pindiwal


NICE, glad I watched, GOOD to know you get (e) stabilization at 30fps, no one else mentioned that, thx for taking time on that, making my decision easier ;)

Author — neighbor lee


Thank you for taking the time to do the review.

Author — paul37421


Great review. Nice and speedy with lots of useful information. Thank you.

Author — DJ U4ic


and i'm having trouble UPloading any photo's onto my computer?

Author — Anni Macca


Glass body keeps me from getting this phone.thanks for review.



Make sure to buy and put a case on it before using it, had my for 3 hours, fell on the ground and the black glass cracked big

And does anyone else have this issue.. right out of the box I noticed this phone decharge quickly.. I charged it to 100% last night and it dropped a percent literally after the screen being on 1-2 minutes and dropped more after a few more minutes of on screen time

And I can't find the face unlock option

Author — Jeff Dees