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Moto G6 full review 5
ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Motorola G6's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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Finally, someone who gives a legit un-biased review of this phone! I have been looking into this phone and was getting so sick and tired of all these people comparing it to highly-priced phones, not even on the same tier as the moto g6. This is a good choice for a budget phone. IMO this phone is perfectly fine if you're not some Samsung S-whatever or iPhone snob.

Author — Capote


That $200 phone includes a fast charger but my $750 iPhone XR can’t include one 😂😂

Author — CashGamez


"midrange phone" yet it has a decent camera setup, pretty good IPS screen, and a decent price.... Considering it doesn't have a notch, and still has the headphone jack, I'd imagine they'll sell alot.

Onya Motorola 👍

Author — Jay Jay Smith


Who else got thought 2:11 was something else at first.

Author — Jay Lawson78666


Had this phone for a month now and im very pleased. Does everything i require . Would recommend whole heartedly !

Author — Keith Rose


Best review out here, watched hours and hours of other reviews. Your review gives excellent information, clear, and with samples. Thank you! 😁

Author — Michelle Garcia


Gonna buy this especially since it's deal price on Amazon is $87.99 currently.

Author — HEYXSH1ZN1T


Went from Note 8 to a Moto G6 since I lost my note, and I'm amazed how great this phone is. Although it's obviously not faster than the Note 8, the almost puré Android experience and smaller size almost makes me feel glad I lost my Note 8. Exaggerating a bit, but this phone is great. I got it for $155.00, and I couldn't be happier...



and i'm having trouble UPloading any photo's onto my computer?

Author — Anni Macca


Great review. Nice and speedy with lots of useful information. Thank you.

Author — DJ U4ic


Got this phone for $20 so I'm already excited!!!

Author — Side Swipe


very decent for my grandaughter whose 12 years old. I will addd insurance becuse it will be dropped

Author — Magda Vazquez


A wonderful phone with the Android OS. This is my goto phone if I were to switch. I had the moto g4 play for a short time and LOVED it. You got so much for the price and the same seems to be true here. I love Motorolas products

Author — Warren McClure


Not stock Android, what about security updates from Moto Google?

Author — Door Mouse


I have one a decent phone fast charger and only gripe is I had a Moto G4PLUS and the Moto G6 is not worth the upgrade .my old phone was equally as good. Slightly bigger screen on the G6 but overrated

Author — Allan Greenley


Thank you for taking the time to do the review.

Author — paul37421


Glass body keeps me from getting this phone.thanks for review.



Can I experience VR without any double screening in Moto g6?

Author — anjali ejjagiri


You guys prefer the Moto G6 or Sony XA2 ?

Author — Dave M


I seen on internet that it now has pie. What you guys think Moto g7 or this?

Author — mark bower jr