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This is an "un-official" video for Medicine Chant - a visual companion to the audio. This chant pays respect to all indigenous people, as well as honours those who walked before us. This song is theirs.

Other sources include BBC Planet Earth:

ANILAH - Live your own ritual.

💬 Comments

When we heal ourselves, we heal the earth. When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves. The time is now . Thank you.

Author — Gary Ward


*"The Earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to Earth. Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."* - Cheif Seattle

Author — Starryizon Dominion


There's something about this song that always helps me sort out my feelings. If I'm angry it always calms me down. If I'm sad and I need a good cry but I'm too stubborn to cry this song always helps me feel safe enough to cry. No matter what feeling I'm in needn't this song always delivers.

Author — Zain Lockheart


This is beautiful. I haven’t felt this at peace since I lost my son 3 years ago to brain cancer. He was 33. Thank you

Author — Gloria Haas


I'm Navajo. This is very familiar to our healing ceremonial songs.... much respect and compassion.

Author — Merlina Yazzie


Currently going through therapy for PTSD and I've started playing this during my meditations. I'm starting to come to peace with my past and I love meditating now to this piece. Thank you

Author — Kyle Newton


I worry about our precious planet being mistreated and disrespected. This music gives me hope, the children give me hope and the love in our hearts gives me hope.

Author — idkgirl


This scratches my brain in a way that I can't describe. I have easily listened to it 100 times by now (not even exaggerating). I love it.

Author — Trickius


I'm 6th generation shaman in my blood line. I needed this song. i have a task that i understand what needs done from me. This has open me up completely. Know i have to prepare myself to cross my father over to the other side Namesta

Author — trish Ramos


Speaking as someone of the pagan paths, and as someone who has always needed a connection to the land, your music helps me to center and maintain that balance. Though I am but one person, even in my small area I can do much to try to help. You are a blessing from the Mother of All, Anilah. May you always find a warm welcome and a safe hearth wherever the paths may lead you.

Author — Foxxy Vixen


I discovered this song back in 2016, and I always had a feeling this song will be featured in vikings.
And they did it! They made the best possible ending.
My eyes were filled with tears when this song was played in last season.
Anilah.. thankyou for giving us this masterpiece! This song will be with me in my fears and sorrows and happiness throughout my whole life.

Author — AJ


Chaque fois que j écoute ce chant il me donne de la force, de l énergie...merci

Author — Valerie Baixas


So beautiful. As someone so connected to mother earth . Touches my soul. The hurt I feel of the earth not being taken care of, is more than words can say. Each of us that care have a duty to do our part in healing and taking care of what we are able to. Thank you for this post ♥

Author — Elizabeth Wall


I weep at the beauty of this video. It Feels like a calling to home. Thank you for expanding my consciousness.

Author — LJ Y


love that vikings played this song during one of the best and most emotional scenes of the show ❤️ ubbe and torvi's storyline was by far my favorite since season 5, beautiful ending for them

Author — Estelle Marchetti


Thank you from the depth of my heart. This is such a primal healing chant. I am not indigenous but have been given an honorary Blackfoot name. This chant speaks through that name. Such humility abides in me when I feel the majesty of the power here. 🙏

Author — Serenity with Nature


When we heal ourselves we heal future generations and the ones before us, our ancestors ❤🙏❤

Author — Rose Mckenzie


I recently lost a family member. 4/21/22. I've done the breathing exercise while listening to this amazing music. Reconnect my spiritual growth and healing to mother earth. Reminds me how beautiful, charming, & relaxing this music is to remind me that the spiritual world is watching over us day in and day out. Blessings for everyone.

Author — Christopher Hedekar


Wow what a sound. I found myself journeying and I was driving. It’s moving.

Author — Joshua Kimball


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” - Rumi

Author — Sir Sigma Grindmaster