The Art of Ruining a DVD Collection (The Simpsons)

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The Simpson's season 6 DVD case sticks out like a sore thumb... Homer's Simpson's plastic head is the bane of DVD collectors' existence.

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Intro - 0:00
History - 1:14
Controversy - 2:54
Website - 3:56
Uh Oh... - 5:26
Beyond Season 6 - 6:16
End - 8:19

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imagine if every single DVD after 6 was a Homer head too, just to troll everyone

Author — @Vailskibum


the funniest part is that I can absolutely imagine this being a side plot for a simpsons episode. homer buys a dvd for a tv show he likes but it's different and broken so he goes online but it's just really passive agressive

Author — @waldornprime5567


I worked in electronics at Target when this DVD came out. They didn't fit in the endcap display AT ALL. There were plenty of employees that simply jammed them in to make them fit, resulting in countless crunched up boxes.

Author — @DrummerDaddio


Now imagine if the “head” design cases were made of steel instead of plastic.

Author — @blakerascon7745


I can't believe there is actually a mini documentary on youtube about why the 6th season dvd box set of the Simpsons packaging sucks haha. You can find a video about everything these days.

Author — @Ustaleone


Not only the case was terrible; a change in the DVD production processs affected the media itself, making them quite prone to DVD rot. I lost every single one of these after season five due to disc delamination.

Author — @entropiahelper


With all respect, the box seems like something Homer would exactly do.

Author — @austinwilburn1772


I actually have the sixth season cardboard box, and the way i got it is hilarious. There is a junk shelf in our local library, where people can just leave their junk, and you can just take it home with you, and just found the fifth and sixth season collectors box sets there. So i got both for free, nice.

Author — @jimipeltoranta8653


I used to work in a store that sold these... and oh man, I hated how the Season 6 head would ruin perfect displays. This video answered all of my questions.

Author — @endeavourist5287


I just checked my shelves and, sure enough, I have the season 6 box. I asked my Mom who bought it for me initially, and she said she bought it on eBay, and that it wasn't that expensive either. Neat how I accidentally own something rare!

Author — @computerkid1416


god imagine if season 7 was a Homer body, now that would be overkill

Author — @catcoulon72


My dad had a pretty good solution to the collection problem:
Put the season 6 Homer head on display away from the rest of the boxes.
We almost always had a Simpsons DVD in some player so the collection was never fully together anyways, so the Homer head just lived on the mantle. Either because of that or just because dad liked season 6 more than the others we used those discs like crazy lol.

Author — @kittykake44


The VPN sponsorship bait-and-switch at the end was an utterly fantastic cherry on top for this video. Your content's always fascinating, well-researched, and very nicely packaged... unlike Season 6 of the Simpsons, apparently. Keep up the great work!

Author — @FlashManEXE


Having worked retail around the time these came out, I can tell you they were a pain to put on the shelf as well. Imagine 3 or 4 of these on the shelf, plus who knows how many wherever you kept the extras. It was also annoying because we couldn't fit more than 4 in a space where the regular packaging would hold 6 or 7.

Author — @evknucklehead


You’re lucky they didn’t make it marge’s head.

Just make it like a meter tall to mess with everyone.

Author — @dandan6819


One of my many pet peeves is if there is a slight difference in a DVD collection. Especially when there is ONE box that decides to to change the font or something

Author — @swiftydialogues


I've got season 1-17. I skipped out on 18 when it first came out, and now regret it as it is very hard to get a hold of and even you do it's pricey. One thing I like about the DVDs from season 5 onwards is a feature where you can play the episodes with the deleted scenes included. Which sadly is not a feature on Disney+.

Author — @CornishCreamtea07


Not only did you make a niche video that spoke to my inner weirdness, you put your video into chapters, even though you didn't have to. You are a top-tier video creator. You've just earned yourself a subscribe, my friend.

Author — @lilbeezyspc


I love how instead of just putting the website Inside the Box, they put a number for you to call, and THEN get directed to a website lol who made that thing, Ralph?

Author — @Jaydeyay


I remember that season 6 DVD case controversy. Not sure why they thought ruining the uniformity of the DVD cases would be a good thing. But it's cool that they at least gave an option to get either case

Author — @Ronnie06spartan