Destiny Suros Regime Review - Where To Buy/Crucible Test - BEST PVP Auto Rifle?

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Destiny - Suros Regime Auto Rifle Review: Possibly the best exotic auto rifle for PVP. Features Crucible footage, where to buy, stats, review and some silly fun kills.

Here's a list of the stuff I forgot to mention while rambling through this video:
1.) The vendor is named Xur: Agent of the Nine
2.) Xur appears only on Friday and Saturday each week, and very early on Sunday
3.) The inventory he keeps changes from week to week. This gun cost 23 strange coins at the time that I purchased it.
4.) This gun doesn't ONLY come from Xur. You can decode legendary engrams to get this gun as well.
5.) Firing the Suros Regime from the hip results in a much higher rate of fire, but at lower damage. The slower, more damaging rounds only fire when zoomed in.
6.) I suck at PvP....wait, I did mention that in the video. [-James]

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About Destiny:

Developer: Bungie Software (makers of Halo)
Genre(s): Sci-Fi First-person shooter
Platforms: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360
Release Date: September 09, 2014

Destiny Enemy Types: Fallen (Shank, Dreg, Vandal, Captain, Servitor, Kells), Hive (Thrall, Knight, Acolyte, Wizard, Ogre, Shriker), Vex (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Minotaur, Hydra, Harpy), Cabal (Legionnair, Centurion, Gladiator, Psion)

💬 Comments

U need that stuff for the suros regime upgrade to get the gun it will be on the top bar with 3 exotic armour bits and 1 exotic gun and a engram and a exotic shard or something like that. To buy the gun you will most likely need 23 strange coins.

Author — Chloe_The_YID_COYS


My max damage for my suros regime is 365



How do you guys not have thousands of subscribers you two are hilarious

Author — Malachi Martinez


U just got a new sub keep up the good work

Author — Krish Desai


I just subbed you guys are awesome I really love this gun and I dont even have it

Author — Drake Deyoung


Need help!!! I tried to get this gun but u have to get exotic shard which I got but it also says suros regime! Don't know what that is all about? How do you unlock it ..someone tell me how to do this plz??

Author — jay man


I dismantled this and probs shouldn't have but idk I just can't handle the fire rate it's way to slow firing and with the nerf u have to be far away and it's hard to use at close range

Author — Max Tkach


I need help. Xur sells Suros Regime for 8k glimmer, 1 exotic shard and 1 SUROS REGIME. Wtf? I have the glimmer and the exotic shard but why do I need a Suros regime to buy a suros regime. I dont get it :(

Author — Clone Raged


It's an upgrade for the suros regime, not the reason, sorry.
I'm waiting for that gun so fucking much!!!
God please help me!
Give that gun to Xür!!!

Author — Máté Lukács


Do you play on Xbox 360 if you do I want to add you SOOOO badly so can you send your gamertag

Author — Global Escort