Iran admits it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian jetliner

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Iran admits it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian jetliner 4.5

Tehran has admitted it shot down a passenger jet and killed 176 civilians, after initially claiming the plane crashed due to mechanical failure. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is demanding answers. Behnam Ben Taleblu of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies joined CBSN to analyze the latest developments in the Middle East.

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Examine what ? They shot down a plane, what other evidence is needed?

Author — MONEYVAL9


No it was russia wich hacked usa.

Author — Wlad Rozov


Very surprised to see CBS News actually make a informative (non bias) video about Iran.

Author — lilbeserk


Should not have attacked embassy. New sheriff in town.

Author — Brian Wurch


140 plus were Iranian ( some had two citizenship) Iranians and Canadians.

Author — R R


Canada accidentally sent ballistics missile to iran...

Author — lionheart lionheart


I'M IN SUPPORTING THE United States of America. I stand with them. God bless you American.

Author — Ada Kalyalya


Iran needs a full and complete stand down of all of its military

Author — Robert Blanscet


Is this a way to get other countries involved? I hope not.

Author — Tube Tube


I support the United States for terminating an international terrorist.

Author — Susan L. Alonzo


On my own understanding they shot down the passenger airplane just to blame america or make the america have bad image

Author — Nard Nonog


any idea, how much compensation for each deceased passenger? according to iran's law, its 270.000.000tomans equal to US$22k !!! and what if it proves to be intentional (non-accident)?

Author — user1900


It looks like sunk of Lusitania ship in 1917 to forse US join the war.

Author — Симферополь


Iran just trying to place the blame on another country, who cares if you are in a all out war with the US or every other country in the world or not. Shooting down an commercial plane is 100% wrong. And they should take full responsibility of it, and give what the countries want for their citizens death.
And we talk about Iran and not letting them get nuclear weapons, heck not only do they not need nuclear weapons, they don’t even need standardized weapons at all.
Imagine Russia accidentally sent a nuke into China, like China would go all out war with them, accidentally or not.
Ukraine should be very upset or even retaliate of their own, for them losing citizens in Iran’s airspace over an accidentally missile launch.

Author — Jon S


Iran's ideology is fully EVEL. Unless world nations /including the Iranian people/ act together against the Ayatolah devil messenger work; the worst may come in the future.

Author — Adonias Gedion


Where is the war . America is there .😡😡😡

Author — Suranga Indika