Antilag in the Alps: Epic Rally Views in Switzerland in My Ford Escort Cossie V2

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Antilag in the Alps: Epic Rally Views in Switzerland in My Ford Escort Cossie V2 5

Rally International du Valais is one of the most epic looking rallies I have ever taken part in - it goes right through the Swiss Alps!! It was the perfect place to bring my Ford Escort RS Cossie V2 through many tight hairpins and even through some of the of the most famous Ski Resorts in the world! Due to my Cossie being modified, Alex Gelsomino and I weren't able to compete in the Historic class (FIA Regulated Rally), we ran as a zero car. Stoked to have stopped here on my 2019 Cossie World Tour.

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Ken’s wardrobe consists of:

5 race suits

That is all

Author — Matt Couchman


Somehow....I live in Switzerland and missed this, I’m so angry 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Soviet_Pepe 617


The legend is, if Ken takes off his race suit he will lose his power.

Author — BSB333


I love how Alex, who never looks up for anything while he's co-driving, looked up and smiled for the jump. Made my day 😂

Author — BlackHawk TV


Alex, reading the course notes pre-jump, tightens shoulder belts.

Author — wt martin


haha, just casually taking the morning coffee in his racesuit

Author — Kristian Harildstad


6th fastest OVERALL on the safety run!!
This, people, is how it's done.

Author — John Peterie


Ken can we get a list of events we can visit across the EU? Would love to spectate one of these events with my dad one day.

Author — Thomas


I guess there are flying cars in 2019.

Author — martijn wadup • 2019 years ago


“You ever take it off any sweet jumps?”

Author — Gitsum


Those are some insane switchbacks. Good job at being "safe"

Author — HNP Racing


0:29 --- Ken's pyjamas look exactly like his rally racing suit -- one time he raced in his pyjamas and no-one knew the difference! 😁

Author — Mick Kennedy


Ken is like Einstein he has a wardrobe filled with the same racing suit, so he doesn't have to waste time picking what to wear

Author — Dukey H


You should put a mph tracker when showing driving footage.

Author — Rafael Garcia


Those narrow roads at that speed makes me pucker.

Author — Seth Jensen


Is the footage of this video amazing or what!!!! The camera in front close to the deck reminds me of the old footage of pikes peak where Renault won back then. So cool! Awesome bro!!!

Author — Roman Iacobucci


All hail Ken all hail Ken!! 🙌🙌 you are a savage man!

Author — Josh Jones


Switzerland looks beautiful would love to visit some time

Author — spider man web


that landing looked surprisingly smooth from inside.

Author — Foreign Beggar


The cows are like, , "so what I just jumped over the Moon"

Author — cakeofthepan 22