Most Unbelievable Plays in Sports History™ (Part 1)

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Most Unbelievable Plays in Sports History™ (Part 1) 4.5
Part 1 of many, many more, this may be a 50 part series.

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Outro Song: JJD & Alex Skrindo - Aurora

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I’ve never heard a golf commentator get so excited lmao

Автор — Griffin Fielding


Here before UEFA takes it down for copyright

Автор — SW Productions


That pitch from Tiger Woods was simply THE best. <3

Автор — J.R. Caldoon


I know he annoys some people... but Chris Berman doing highlights is just classic

Автор — Drew Marshall


Never thought I'd say this but holy crap golf is impressive

Автор — Hopesedge


wow you could actually HEAR the golf fans
that's how you know it was a good shot

Автор — poisenbery


so glad they circled that guy at the end, i had no idea who I was watching.. WAS IT THE GUY WITH THE FOOTBALL CENTER SCREEN RUNNING??

Автор — Mike G


8:57 Why does the away team have more people in the stands than the home team?

Автор — QS Awesomeness


jose bautistas home run gotta be on part two

Автор — Burning Hammer Studios


Messi's goal vs Bilbao that was scientifically proven impossible.

Автор — ThePlayMaker


This video was lit. All clips I haven't seen much before (unlike other "unbelievable moments" vids)

Автор — Matthew Krager


Verstappens move around the outside on Rosberg 2016 in rainy Sao Paolo Interlagos

Автор — Hauptsache Puls


Watermarking over a Licensed Broadcast's video being 1 Recorded and redistributed without their consent and then 2 you marking it makes it claimed as yours regardless whether you state it in the video or comment section that it is infact not Its a great way to be sued by those very big corporations that have nothing but money and free time on their hands And Trademarking a youtube title with someone else's property in it is another offense

Автор — Artem Belov


What was the whole copyrite thing in the last vid??😂

Автор — Garbage Goes iN


Bobby Orr made plays like that practically every game. He even scored goals from behind his own net.

Автор — Jorge Callico


Rugby is most underrated sport in history

Автор — censored name


You a real one for adding Eric Crouch #GBR

Автор — Conner Hermsen


We know you are proud of this video, as it is a good one indeed... but I think you went a little too hard on the watermark...

Автор — James Odom


The thing about the tiger one that's so awesome is that because golf is such a methodical sport all of that was according to plan. There was no heat of the moment. Amazing!

Автор — austin runge


You got the "thumbs-up" due to the Eric Crouch run at the end. I'm from Lincoln.

Автор — gregaj7