Visit South America - The DON'Ts of Visiting South America

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Visit South America - The DON'Ts of Visiting South America 5

Things Tourists Shouldn't Do When They Visit South America. Whether visiting the beaches or Rio de Janiero, the markets of Buenos Aires, or hiking the Inca Trail in Peru there are a few cultural faux pas that travelers should try to avoid when they visit South America. From safety issues, to travel hacks, to food experiences there is so much to offer travelers and tourists in South America. Whether visiting the Iguazu Waterfalls, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, the Glaciers in Patagonia or just sitting back and enjoying the culture South America has so much to offer travelers, but you really should watch out. Here we talk about what you don't do when you visit South America.
Filmed in Montevideo, Uruguay & Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018
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Nice video as always.

Always watching on TV. Coming here to say hi.

Lol. You are Sao Paulo Supporter.

I am Santos.

Author — Vlog18rodas


Don't be offended if you are called "gringo"..
Even if it can be used as a demeaning word, most of the time people use it just to say foreigner.

Author — Claudio Jaramillo


How can someone be anti-rice and beans? Inhuman.

Author — Nguyễn Nathan


Correction: “donde está?” in Portuguese you ask : “onde fica?”

Author — Heraldo Figueiredo


We need a compilation video of all of your advice regarding toilets.

Author — MysticAlucard15


Thank you fellow travelers for all of your support and kind words. We truly love traveling in South America and hope this video can help you prepare for your next visit to South America.

Author — Wolters World


I ❤your videos! I can't afford to travel much but these vids take me places. Thank you!

Author — Christopher Johnson


Great advice, Mark. Expanding on the language... I've found that if I open the conversation in the local language, and make a joke (in their language) like "My Spanish is terrible" before jumping to "Do you speak English", the locals really get a kick out of it.

Author — The Obsolete Geek


"This wasn't fat Mark, this is skinny Mark"! Great video - thank you for sharing all the wonderful, thoughtful advice. We would all be wiser travellers by listening to you, no matter where we are visiting.

Author — willwork4fashion100


Your Spanish pronunciation was so good!

Author — Esmeralda Corradazzi


My wife and I are hoping to get to Argentina or Peru in 2019!

Author — Arthur Babcock


Finally A Episode on Argentina or Uruguay...

Author — Carlos Krueger


Even though I'm Latina, ironically I rarely enjoy beans and rice. Unless they're cooked a certain way, and *really* well. At best I like it as a side dish and not as the main meal. I know, this is practically blasphemy 😂

Author — ellie


dont worry buddy....older version of Mark is still as cool as the younger one!

Author — Alpha Fort


I cant wait for our Chile/Argentina trip next year! Thanks for all of the tips :)

Author — Haley Ryan


You forgot to mention that in Argentina and Uruguay we eat more pasta than rice... except in the border with Brazil!

Author — lauruguayitausa


Today I learned that Uruguay is super safe and really nice

Author — ellie


Perfect timing! I just booked my first solo trip to Quito, Ecuador for March 2019!

Author — Destiny Knudsen


"nefarious folk" What a saying!

Author — Atahann D.


Awesome channel
Cuy or guinea pig it’s a delicacy back in Inca times
It’s taste like chicken very crunchy skin, yum beside the it’s a very healthy one.
So I don’t understand why people get mortified about it?

If you have a cuy as a pet well darling bring it on 😋😂

Author — Paulo Soria