9 Secrets Of Life Inside North Korea Revealed In Banned Footage

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9 Secrets Of Life Inside North Korea Revealed In Banned Footage 5

Facts and footage showing real life inside North Korea that they don't want you to know. If it were Kim Jong-Un's will, the North Korean propaganda photos would be the only ones the outside world would see. But what happens when pictures of North Korea are taken by an independent cameraman? French photographer Eric Lafforgue has visited North Korea six times and secretly taken illegal photos inside North Korea. However, the regime discovered him sharing his photos and original footage online and banned him from crossing the border ever again. Which secrets of North Korea and Pyongyang did Eric reveal that led to him being so unwelcome?

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The girl at the end was heartbreaking, u can tell she’s lying cuz she’s scared

Author — animal937


The cow was skinny, then people are skinny, but somehow the leaders are over weight

Author — Sandi laine


How can we, the rest of the world, allow this to continue?

I vote to stop it.

Author — Overwatch AID


I can see his fake smile when he smile to factories and orphans kids.

Author — Gisèle Ngimbi


Kim Jung Un is 5'6" tall and weighs around 300 lbs....he also smokes 4 packs of cigarettes a day...both his dad and grandfather died from heart attacks...he's next

Author — David MacLane


Isn't it "funny" that North Korean people are starving to death meenwhile King Jong un has enough food to remain obese.. I can't it makes me so mad

Author — Ebi Margulies


I know it's wrong to say but Kim Jong doesn't deserve to live on this earth.

Author — Akhrienuo Vitso


Here’s a fact: North Korea is the most depressing country
Edit: boi is just a fact no need to like

Author — Midnight Lilly


1 like = the decrease of kim jong un's life span

Author — Admiral Aokiji


*photos that kim jong-un doesn't want you to see*

This man: *imma kill your damn career*

Author — Help me reach 10,000 subs before i die


They don’t feed their peoples enough food, how horrible

Author — Sokranny Thweatt


Funny how Kim jong un is possibly sick, and his father's name was Kim jong "ill".

Author — Mister clean


Look at her body language when she replied that she loves her fatherland. She immediately looked to the left and pursued her lips, indicating suppressed emotions and that her reply was not how she really felt.

Author — Alexios Paul


It's not ok to ask her questions that she could get killed for answering, poor girl.

Author — Moneca Savoie


I think Kim is the only overweight person In the country

Author — Allison Castillo


The answer was honest. She loves her nation, but she hates what they have done to it.

Author — Crimson Guy


Some north Koreans want to go East Germany. And Czechoslovakia. These countries don't exist anymore

Author — Browsing Content


“Why do they choose to stay or live here?” Some choose some don’t. Those who don’t probably want to explore the world, but they are trapped, none of the North Koreans can leave their country. Right now I’m just waiting for someone, some assassin to end the Kim family so the citizens can be free. No, I’m not afraid to say this to you all.

Author — Snowbell_sniper Wolfe


Everyone who wasnt born on north korea is lucky.

Author — Just Kiro


I don't understand why that Kim guy wants to torture his own people.

Author — i_pxtatospirits