Binging with Babish: Calzones from Seinfeld

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Binging with Babish: Calzones from Seinfeld 5

George Costanza, to say the least, has a predilection for food. It instigates, interrupts, and defines his work, home, and sex life. It occupies his thoughts and daydreams, walks in tandem with his fantasies, and plays a vital role in both the pursuit of and vengeance exacted upon others. And, through its George Steinbrenner-ian provenance, provides a great excuse to make some calzones!

Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free

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Babish: takes hours to create a perfect calzone
Me: folds pizza in half

Author — Andy Tang


Fun little fact: There is no s ending here in Italy. In fact, it's not an Italian word if it doesn't end in a vowel (with some exceptions). If it ends in a a vowel, it's Italian. If it doesn't end in a vowel, the word is borrowed from another language. So, Calzone is just one, Calzoni is plural. Same with Panini. Panini is plural, a Panino is just one. Paninis is like saying Sandwicheses. Now you know some Italian :)

Author — Diego


Babish: TMNT pizza cutter
Me: required
Babish: optional
Me: no

Author — Draxx Them Sklounst


This looks almost exactly how my Grandma used to make them. Bless you sir.

Author — Ben Wyatt


So, here.

"Calzones" in spanish means panties.

And I'm too inmature to watch this video without laughing about it every five seconds.

Author — Victoria Ávila


Strange request, but I would love to see your take on “Syrup Sandwiches” from Kendrick Lamar’s song “Humble.”

Author — Macro


"refrigerated for three days" ..."now we need a quick pizza sauce"
sounds like you can take your time with that sauce.

Author — eugkra33


"Exploring the low cal calzone zone"

This part needs more attention

Author — TwiggleZz


TMNT pizza cutter: optional. This guy is the coolest chef i've ever watched

Author — Casual Oddity


“Teenage mutant ninja turtle pizza cutter is optional”
Me: ... oh I don’t think so

Author — Buzz lightyear


I love how he dosn' t edit out mistakes. He shows them so you don't make the same mistakes. GREAT TEACHER!

Author — Steve Oaks


Make Max’s sandwich “to the max”, from Wizards of Waverly Place

Author — Shelly Neapetung


Babish: "Cut a half onion"

Me: *cuts the whole thing"

Author — 12xx12


"I'll be exploring the low-cal-calzone-zone in a future episode"
Please tell me you did this in the first try

Author — Throndronis


Babish when the first calzone came out moist:
“The calzone... betrayed me?”

Author — Nick Renfroe


i cant believe seinfeld invented calzones

Author — ハンバーガーHamburger Helper


Remember, a Pizza has the toppings and cheese on the dough, a calzone has the toppings inside the dough, served with tomato sauce on the side, while Stromboli is the same thing as the Calzone, but cut into slices, and open.

Author — AhWen Blaare


Me: This recipe is ridiculous and seems time consuming.
Also me: Well no better time to start the process. (She said, at 12am.)

Author — Exodias Light


Thank you for editing well and not saying things like "I'll be right back" while the dough sits for three days, then immediately cutting to a scene three days later. Sorry for the wordy explanation, but I love that you don't needlessly narrate the mundane in your videos.

Author — Ike Fredregill


I can't imagine how many dishes this guy has to clean after every session....

Author — Nelson Romero