St Petersburg Russia 4K. Second Best City in Russia!

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St Petersburg Russia 4K. Second Best City in Russia! 5

Let's visit St Petersburg - second biggest city in Russia! Museums, restaurants, canals, stree musicians and people living in St Petersburg!

What a place! #Russia

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Буду приехать в этом самом красивом городу которого нико никогда поробить не мог.Сербия любит вас большой привет

Author — Nebojsa Cvetković


"St Petersburg is very close to europe", St Petersburg IS in europe c'mon dude.

Author — Freak159753


I♥️Russia....from India
Russian are cool and friendly..

Author — srihari barre


I'm from Macedonia! And my old Philosophy professor at the college ALWAYS used to tell us that if you are truly an artist, a creator, there's no other place to live and create in, like in St Petersburg! Forget about Paris, London, Milano, Berlin, Rome.... THIS IS THE PLACE! Go there, and you'll see what truly means to be Dostoyevsky's Rasklonikov!
Peace and LOVE from Macedonia!

Author — Shteno


Here in UK lots of Brits travel to St. Petersburg on a cruise ships and say it's their favourite city in EUROPE! Some say it's better then Paris! 🤜🤛💃

Author — Andrey Albion Live


I'm from Dominican Repúblic I know some Russia's they're is amazing person- I love them 🙏

Author — Fermin Perez


This is the most beautiful city in the world. More beautiful than Paris, Sydney, Venice or London. I was there in 2008 and can testify. The buildings after building are just work of art and so subtly colourful and majestic. The canals are so clean and pristine and give you the best views of historic buildings as you glide on their surface.

Author — radonpq99


Мне понравился ответ; " В хорошую погоду, это самый лучший город на Земле" и я с ним полностью согласен.

Author — Радик Набиуллин


Какой же охрененный у тебя английский, я услышал, что сам ты из Екб! Круто!

Author — Robert Akimov


Достаточно информативно для иностранцев. Наверное, посмотрев чужие блоги, решил «если хочешь сделать хорошо, сделай сам». Получилось гораздо лучше многих. Влеплю лайк.

Author — Александр Рудольфович


"...well, it´s really close to Europe..´´ damn, I am from Amsterdam and I consider st Petersburg as European as my own city. Russia is an essential part of Europe as much as Greece or Iceland.

Author — piecia66


Really close to Europe? it is in Europe

Author — Rudznik


One of the greatest cities of the world! Much love from USA ❤️

Author — mji71


Greetings from Serbia, I am really impressed, I knew that it is amazing city, and I know about it˙s history, but it is better then I thought.

Author — Mačak u čizmama


Why "second best city"? The best city without any "second"

Author — Basil T


I have visited St. Petersburg in 2018, I loved the city!! beautiful and clean!
People does not speak much English, neither Spanish (I'm Argentinian) but they are very open and friendly!
We had really good weather but at night a jacket was necessary even in August.

I totally recommend visiting!

Author — Nicolas Boer


Would love to go there. Greetings from across the water in Sweden.

Author — Tenet


Second best? I see nothing second best about it! It's a beautiful city!

Author — Nancy Hobson


Beautiful .. would visit someday ... No country appeals to me as Russia does .. so different 😍

Author — Rajat Saklani


As a German I'm glad my ancestors didn't succeed taking over that city, so that it's beauty survived.
Definitely one of my next travel destinations.

Author — J Rosenthal