Why Germany’s coronavirus death rate is so low | CNBC Explains

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Why Germany’s coronavirus death rate is so low | CNBC Explains 4.5

While Germany has one of the highest numbers of coronavirus cases in Europe, its death rate is significantly lower than its neighbors. CNBC’s Timothyna Duncan explores the strategies the country has employed to manage the spread of the disease.

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Germany's leadership never called the virus fake or a hoax.

Author — Patchuchan


Germany never fails to impress. That is what a superpower should be about, "success in dealing with a crisis situation" not having the most powerfull army

Author — Fawzi


God, I wish I was in Germany instead of the US

Author — Omar Houdini


As a doctor working in Germany, they’ve prepared us for the crisis scientifically and emotionally before it even began. Almost every hospital created a corona unit “Station”.. They trained almost all the doctors to work with the ventilators even it’s not your speciality. They continuously updated us with guidelines on how to deal with corona patients, how to protect yourself and your team and how to take the right medical decision at the right time. Other than that like she said, I’ve seen everybody outside the hospital sticking to the safety and hygienic measures, social distancing and disinfecting. I personally think that Germany makes a great model in beating corona. 🇩🇪🇩🇪 🇩🇪

Author — Egyptian Doctor


In Germany, the virus is in Quarantine

Author — David Faiheng


Come on this is Germany am not surprised

Author — Anis Mario


I’m proud to be taking part in an online MUN conference in my school as a representative of Germany. God bless this country.

Author — Emperor Vargas


The reason is because Germany has a disciplined methodical culture that planned extra capacity.

Author — Unknown Person


Germans do what they are told to do. Cleanliness is a recognized responsibility.

Author — Gary Grimm


See what happens when you prepare instead just dealing with it when it happens

Author — Devin Lester


Unlike USA, Germany cares about her people. That's why they have a better health care system.

Author — I Ince


Greeting from Germany. At moment I very glad to live here.

Author — schwertmeister33


There’s death rate is so slow because they don’t eat McDonald’s

Author — Aiden Brock


Not chronically underfunding public health for decades has certainly helped

Author — Ser Twenty Goodmen


I see a video about Germany, I schreib einen deutschen Kommentar

Author — fistofdragon y


Because Germany doesnt have ignorant gov't employees who do "nothing"

Author — Curt S


Germany has Angela Merkel, a scientist, leading them.

Author — Avee Rambi


If there’s one thing that can be said of the Germans, they are efficient. Bravo my German friends

Author — Myles Donovan


Japan has low deaths but didn't have massive testing. Testing is good but if you don't have the capacity, you can still beat the virus by prevention methods.

Author — Harry Roger


They don’t live off of sugar and poisoned foods??

Author — Sally Stearns